The Times - Concise - Times Concise Jumbo No 1381

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Clues Answers
Agent reducing clotting ANTICOAGULANT
Album by Rod Stewart every picture tells a story
Assailant ATTACKER
Audience reaction added to studio soundtrack canned laughter
Beat with a whip FLOG
Belonging nowhere ROOTLESS
Book used in church HYMNAL
Boorish man OAF
Bustle, commotion FUSS
Caviar fish STURGEON
Centre for traditional dance MAYPOLE
City in California San Diego
Close connection AFFILIATION
Compass point EAST
Creature with eight limbs OCTOPUS
Disparaging term for green salad rabbit food
Enslavement THRALDOM
Fellow males in an order BRETHREN
Food thickener agar-agar
Fraud, swindle rip-off
French city ORLEANS
Girl enjoying traditionally male activities TOMBOY
Girl's name; space walk EVA
Greatly surprising ASTONISHING
Hastily and carelessly done SLAPDASH
Insistent requests DEMANDS
Italian car company FERRARI
Land bordering a forest still subject to forest laws PURLIEU
Large tropical fruit custard apple
Clues Answers
Large wading bird IBIS
Leading part of an army VANGUARD
Make unimportant TRIVIALISE
Mental disorder PSYCHOSIS
Mexican hat SOMBRERO
Mormon state UTAH
Narrow passage of water STRAIT
Not yet tested UNTRIED
One controlling through money PAYMASTER
Particle found in all atoms ELECTRON
Poorly lit GLOOMY
Requiring little effort EASY
Resolute, determined strong-minded
RSC in full Royal Shakespeare Company
Ruined monastery in Yorkshire fountains abbey
Shrub; protective sleeve BUSH
Spicy Italian sausage PEPPERONI
Stringed instrument LYRE
Study of strange mental phenomena parapsychology
Style of suit single-breasted
Suffolk market town Bury St Edmunds
Tube for piston CYLINDER
Two-piece swimsuit BIKINI
US legislative body CONGRESS
Use of excessive force VIOLENCE
White top on a mountain SNOWCAP
Windpipe inflammation LARYNGITIS
Written character symbolising a concept or the thing itself IDEOGRAM
Wrong, incorrect MISTAKEN