L.A. Times Daily - Sep 22 2009

Clues Answers
"A Beautiful Mind" star RUSSELLCROWE
"The Raven" writer POE
"Yeah, sure!" IBET
"__ Only Have Love": Jacques Brel song IFWE
Barber's concern HAIR
Bergen's dummy Mortimer SNERD
Bit of mudslinging SMEAR
Blended ice cream drinks MALTS
Bloom with sword-shaped leaves GLADIOLA
Body shop nos. ESTS
Boutique SHOP
British title LORD
Broadway event SHOW
Cardiologist's tests, for short EKGS
Castle protection MOAT
Catch-22 DILEMMA
Certain mollusk's protection MUSSELSHELL
Colorful aquarium fish TETRA
Conductor Klemperer OTTO
Cubs, on scoreboards CHI
Do a smith's job RESHOE
Elegant tapestry ARRAS
Feds under Ness TMEN
Finish second LOSE
Formal words of confession ITWASI
Gambling metaphor for a risky venture CRAPSHOOT
George who played Sulu on "Star Trek" TAKEI
Get older AGE
Gigantic HUGE
Give off EMIT
Half of Mork's signoff NANU
Halo wearer ANGEL
Harold of "Ghostbusters" RAMIS
Inundated AWASH
It's rolled out for celebs REDCARPET
Letter after pi RHO
Clues Answers
Like bks. with pictures ILLUS
Lost speed SLOWED
Lucy of "Kill Bill" LIU
Marathoner's bane MUSCLECRAMP
Massage RUB
Moisten, as a stamp LICK
Night twinkler STAR
Obama, before he became pres. SEN
Old Roman attire TOGA
Onetime Leno announcer Hall EDD
Pee Wee of the '40s-'50s Dodgers REESE
Philbin's sidekick RIPA
Preschool lessons ABCS
Pretentious one PSEUD
Quarreling once more ATITAGAIN
Rugged ridge ARETE
Sausage servings LINKS
Scarlet letter, e.g. STIGMA
Speaker's amplifying aid, briefly MIC
Standing upright ERECT
Steno's need PAD
Stomach acid problem REFLUX
Storybook monster OGRE
Suspected Soviet spy of the McCarthy era ALGERHISS
The "A" in "CAT scan" AXIAL
Tough-guy trait MACHISMO
TV forensic drama CSI
Univ. military org. ROTC
Utah's capital: Abbr. SLC
Video game pioneer ATARI
Watch display, for short LCD
Water, in Cannes EAU
With a single voice ASONE
__ constrictor BOA
__ Joy: candy bar ALMOND
__ Lanka SRI