The Times - Concise - Times Concise Jumbo No 1340

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Clues Answers
Attainable REACHABLE
Bring in for the first time INTRODUCE
Brown-red earthenware TERRACOTTA
Calm, unhurried SEDATE
Cast gloom on OVERSHADOW
Children; important topic ISSUE
Classic order of architecture IONIC
Country in the Horn of Africa SOMALIA
Covered on the inside LINED
Devoted completely to one object undiversified
Disconnect from power UNPLUG
English folk song the lincolnshire poacher
Finish (at) end up
Game of chance LOTTERY
Garden pest SLUG
Give (someone) false expectations string along
Heart ailment ANGINA
Highest university degree DOCTORATE
Involve in a dispute (with) EMBROIL
Involving free agreement CONSENSUAL
Just recently the other day
Kindness; comfort (German) gemutlichkeit
Lack, scarcity DEARTH
Large bird whistling swan
Large-calibre guns ARTILLERY
London rail terminus liverpool street station
Lubricant applicator grease gun
Mexican chilli pepper CHIPOTLE
Clues Answers
Mountain; shipping hazard BERG
Musical form with recurrent theme RONDO
Musical performance RECITAL
Not vanquished, free UNBOWED
Obvious self-evident
Of considerable size SUBSTANTIAL
Oil platform drilling rig
Organ stop with the quality of a flute CLARABELLA
Perilous, unsafe DANGEROUS
Person possessed by an evil spirit DEMONIAC
Place taking in paying guests boarding house
Plant of the daisy family GROUNDSEL
Poisonous element ARSENIC
Put right CORRECT
Religious recluse ANCHORITE
Requiring free oxygen to breath AEROBIC
Row, level TIER
Rust fungus UREDO
Showing great attention to detail PUNCTILIOUS
Small three-wheeler bubble car
Strong feeling EMOTION
Tag; record company LABEL
Tending to digress EXCURSIVE
Trivial; small-minded PETTY
Unhappy, despondent DEPRESSED
Utter disaster DEBACLE
Warship operating under a letter of marque PRIVATEER
Withstanding adverse conditions RESISTANT
Word meaning the same as another SYNONYM
Word such as can, could, may, etc modal verb