Wall Street Journal - Jul 31 2019 - Comment Section

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Clues Answers
'A Confederacy of Dunces' author TOOLE
'Right on!' AMEN
'The Canterbury Tales' setting INN
1986 Indianapolis 500 winner Bobby RAHAL
Allow in ADMIT
Bath scrubber LOOFAH
Be a naysayer VOTENO
Better business? CASINO
Breathers RESTS
Bring back REVIVE
Bring up REAR
British pop singer Lewis LEONA
Chicago movers ELS
Courteous CIVIL
Crush, say DEFEAT
Dire fate DOOM
Discrimination TASTE
Dismissive call NEXT
Doing bad EVIL
Fair-sized musical group NONET
First name in swashbucklers ERROL
Florence divider ARNO
Game with a sequel called Riven MYST
General in gray LEE
Good at guile SLY
Hail fellow? CAESAR
Head for a pub? LOO
History PAST
Holds forth ORATES
Hoppy happy hour order ALE
How bygone British lords might show their approval? STATECAPITAL
How horse whisperers might calm their subjects? SPEAKEASY
How radio operators might indicate they're done talking? VOICEOVER
How schoolteachers might quiet a classroom? UTTERSILENCE
How UPS workers might announce their arrival? EXPRESSDELIVERY
Clues Answers
In-crowd outcast NERD
Libidinous look LEER
Light yellow brown CAMEL
Much of Austria ALPS
Musical exercise SCALE
Napping, perhaps UNAWARE
National Automobile Museum setting RENO
Nerve responsible for the 'funny bone' sensation ULNAR
Not mint USED
Old taper VCR
Orchestra section REEDS
Platonic CHASTE
Poetic homage ODE
Pool problem ALGAE
Potential embryos OVA
Prime Classics brand ALPO
Pro with programs CODER
Retired flyer SST
Salad bar sight TONGS
Sarge's superior LOOIE
Scroll holder ARK
Seat material CANE
Sign between fish and bull RAM
Skid row woe DTS
Sofia Coppola, to Nicolas Cage COUSIN
Some are insured by the FDIC ACCTS
Speckled steeds ROANS
Spill over SLOSH
Square of 31-Across ONE
Taking a trip, in a way ONACID
Teamster's rig SEMI
Titular member of SPECTRE DRNO
Tree trauma ROOTROT
Two-time U.S. Open champion SELES
Unable to decide TORN
___-Z (sporty Camaro) IROC