The Times - Concise - Times Concise Jumbo No 1313

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Clues Answers
(Of lines) meeting at infinity PARALLEL
American Indian language COMANCHE
Anaesthetic liquid ETHER
Cattle-catching rope LASSO
Celebrated Calcutta nun Mother Teresa
Container for wine or spirits DECANTER
Counterpart to 19 Across southern hemisphere
Counterpart to 44 Across northern hemisphere
County town of Suffolk IPSWICH
Deep thought pensiveness
Document after final correction fair copy
Eg, elm or oak TREE
Entertainment (Irish); a good time CRAIC
Excessive love of bureaucratic routine officialism
Female ancestor PROGENITRESS
Folded area of rock strata ISOCLINE
Further court hearing RETRIAL
Hairy-leaved plant COMFREY
Having scored an advantage one up
Helicopter supporter ROTOR
Important dietary component PROTEIN
Impose again re-enforce
Impossible to substitute for IRREPLACEABLE
Jumped across OVERLEAPT
Lacking self-restraint INCONTINENT
Like LPs long-playing
Like one of the Roman walls in the UK ANTONINE
Long-billed wader GODWIT
Makes very angry ENRAGES
Natives of a 2 Down city ANGELENOS
Clues Answers
Noble gas RADON
Not easily bent STIFF
Not reimbursed uncompensated
Of an American state CALIFORNIAN
One who predicts the future PROPHET
People who attack cherished institutions ICONOCLASTS
Plant extracts ESSENCES
Problem for bile ducts GALLSTONE
Quick movement of troops forced march
Recall wrongly MISREMEMBER
Relating to some Dutch islands FRISIAN
Relating to the North Pole area ARCTIC
Relative by marriage sister-in-law
Rising most sharply STEEPEST
Sailors' dance HORNPIPE
Seller of textile fabrics DRAPER
Small rat-kangaroo POTOROO
South American country CHILE
South polar region ANTARCTICA
Southern country AUSTRALIA
Stainless alloy nickel steel
Strongly recommend; impulse URGE
Temple entrances propylaea
Type of Italian ice cream tutti-frutti
Uncontrollable emotion HYSTERIA
Vehicle provided by one's employer company car
Wistfully mournful ELEGIAC
With an error range of plus or minus
With socialist leanings LEFTISH
World's largest country RUSSIA