New York Times - Sep 20 2009

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Clues Answers
'Drat!' DARN
'M*A*S*H' corporal KLINGER
Actress Blanchett CATE
Actress Lollobrigida GINA
Actress Lotte LENYA
Against, with 'to' AVERSE
Aloha Tower site OAHU
Alter ego of Borat and Brüno ALIG
Athos, to Aramis AMI
Baron Cohen who created 25-Down SACHA
Be on the brink TEETER
Beat poet Cassady NEAL
Book on how to repair rodent damage? OFMICEANDMENDING
Bottom line NET
Branching point NODE
Broad style of cuisine ASIAN
Broadcast element AUDIO
Broadway columnist Wilson EARL
Bumpkin RUBE
Carnival sight VENDOR
Cart for heavy loads DRAY
Chum BUD
Closing bell place: Abbr. NYSE
Cloud chamber particle ION
Company founded in 1940 as Standard Games SEGA
Composer Thomas ARNE
Conclude by ENDAT
Council members ELDERS
Court of justice TRIBUNAL
Creepy look LEER
Cry before waving the hand ENGARDE
Deadly 1966 hurricane INEZ
Destitute INNEED
Diploma holder GRAD
Dish served ranchero-style HUEVOS
Dwellers on the Strait of Hormuz IRANIS
Early Michael Jackson style AFRO
Easy gallop CANTER
Eight-time Canadian skating champion ORSER
End of a ballade ENVOI
Enter GOIN
Exercise for beginning yoga students? GENTLEBENDING
For the birds INANE
Form of 4-Down SUBPOENA
Formal order WRIT
From this time HENCE
Gasteyer of stage and screen ANA
Gemstone sources ORES
Go back to square one STARTANEW
Goal of Sun-Maid's marketing department? RAISINBRANDING
Had no play in crazy eights DREW
Haitian president Preval RENE
Hang around LOLL
He's less than a gentleman ROUE
Heaps ATON
Hoedown participants GALS
Home south of the border HACIENDA
Hot air GAS
Immigrant's course, for short ESL
In the public eye SEEN
Informal headwear DORAG
Isolated LONE
Lab challenges MAZES
Lead character on 'Pushing Daisies' NED
Letterman airer CBSTV
Lots of moolah WADS
Low-I.Q. DIM
Meaning of the emoticon :-D GRIN
Mex. miss SRTA
Mineral that crystallizes from magma FELDSPAR
Clues Answers
Much-repeated word in air traffic control OVER
Murphy's '48 HRS.' co-star NOLTE
Naval lockup BRIG
Novelist Morrison TONI
Office holder, of sorts DESK
Old Apple laptop IBOOK
One using a comb BEE
Ones who'll straighten you up? MAIDS
Overseas news source, in brief VOA
P.M. preceded and succeeded by Shamir PERES
Pantry array TINS
Part of a brake SHOE
Pays down incrementally AMORTIZES
Peculiar: Prefix IDIO
Porous kitchen utensils COLANDERS
Position player's stat ERRORS
Prohibition, e.g. ERA
Pulitzer playwright of 1953 INGE
Push too hard, maybe RILE
Pushed URGED
Pushed, with 'on' EGGED
Question from a campaign committee? AINTWEGOTFUNDING
Ready, in the kitchen DONE
Reagan cause: Abbr. SDI
Really engrossed INTOIT
Reason that nothing's growing on the farm? LONGTIMENOSEEDING
Retailer beginning in 1867 SAKS
Right turn ___ ONLY
Rugby play SCRUM
Ruler of the Aesir ODIN
S.A.S.E., e.g. ENC
Salad bar activity? GREENSFEEDING
San Francisco mayor Newsom GAVIN
Science fiction author A. E. van ___ VOGT
Science fiction prize HUGO
Seeped OOZED
Sends out EMITS
Shower with force PELT
Slender amount WISP
Something often thought of as impending DOOM
Spare SLIM
Sport of a rikishi SUMO
Start of a German goodbye AUF
Subject for 48-Across BRITANNIA
Switch lines, say? EDIT
Symbol of simplicity ABC
Take a powder RUN
Tardy illustrator's assurance? DRAWINGPENDING
Throws together RIGS
Tokyo's airport NARITA
Took a chance DARED
Town on the SE tip of Italy that's the title setting for a Horace Walpole novel OTRANTO
U.S. Army E-6 SSGT
Units of sweat BEADS
Up time ATBAT
Venerable AGEOLD
Vitamin bottle info, for short RDAS
Was gaping STARED
Well-bred GENTEEL
When doubled, a musical effect WAH
Whiz ACE
Whom a thane attended LORD
Willow twigs OSIERS
Word with interface or option USER
You might give this a gun ENGINE
Zilch NADA
___ a secret INON