The Times - Concise - Times Concise Jumbo No 1259

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Clues Answers
Armed ship not owned by a government PRIVATEER
Australian city SYDNEY
Bicycle seat SADDLE
Bigger than usual OVERSIZE
Blood-sucking worm LEECH
Breed of dog CORGI
Cap and gown academic dress
Church artwork ALTARPIECE
Citrus fruit LIMES
Colourful arc in the sky RAINBOW
Confident statement of fact ASSERTION
Conservative part of the US middle america
Continent or similar land mass
Deep love and respect ADORATION
Doctor in the navy SURGEON
Door fastener LATCH
Eastern garment SARONG
Extent; line of mountains RANGE
Foreignness EXOTICISM
Forgetful, inattentive absent-minded
From Australia and New Zealand ANTIPODEAN
Gérard —, French actor DEPARDIEU
Highly educated people INTELLIGENTSIA
Hoarse; dog HUSKY
Incapable of feeling INSENTIENT
Intermediate in-between
Intersection of ways CROSSROADS
Italian-style restaurant PIZZERIA
Light entertainer VAUDEVILLIAN
Clues Answers
Loud, harsh STRIDENT
Magical charm; short time SPELL
Military formation ECHELON
Moving easily and quickly AGILE
Narcotic manufactured for a specific purpose designer drug
Novel by Graham Greene Our Man in Havana
Obsessed with power MEGALOMANIACAL
Officially recorded REGISTERED
One who touches up old paintings RESTORER
Order including seals, walruses, etc pinnipedia
Person demanding something as a right CLAIMANT
Person looked to for significant achievements great white hope
Process of choking STRANGULATION
Process of reconstruction REASSEMBLY
Relating to atomic energy NUCLEAR
Scented hair oil BRILLIANTINE
Semi-precious stone AGATE
Semitic language ARAMAIC
Succulent plant AGAVE
Taking of property for public use EXPROPRIATION
Tent dweller CAMPER
Type of spoon taken by the owl and the pussycat RUNCIBLE
Vacation HOLIDAY
Very large female GIANTESS
View with flowing water riverscape
Welcoming strip red carpet
Winter sportsperson SKIER
Words of a song LYRIC
Young big cat lion cub