L.A. Times Daily - Sep 20 2009

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Clues Answers
"... so long __ both shall live?" ASYE
"... two fives for __?" ATEN
"Buenos __" DIAS
"Gymnopédies" composer SATIE
"The Mod Squad" role LINC
"Well, __-di-dah" LAH
"Who __ to argue?" AMI
"__ fired!" YOURE
1862 Bull Run victor LEE
2000 Martin Lawrence/Nia Long comedy BIGMOMMASHOUSE
Alas. native ESK
Alternatives to Twinkies HOHOS
Annual major golf tournaments played in August, familiarly PGAS
Back of the neck NAPE
Ballet bird SWAN
Beatrice's admirer DANTE
Big name in nonstick cookware TFAL
Black Sea port dweller ODESSAN
Blue Moon of '60s-'70s baseball ODOM
Boglike MIRY
Bonneville Flats state UTAH
Book after Micah NAHUM
Book, in Bologna LIBRO
Bridge bid, briefly ONENO
Broadway auntie MAME
Building addition ANNEX
California's first lady MARIASHRIVER
Chorus platform RISER
Cincinnati-to-Nashville dir. SSW
Comforting words SOLACE
Concerning ANENT
Conniving SLY
Dangerous compound in Agent Orange DIOXIN
Deferred payment at the bar RANATAB
Disney's Ariel, e.g. MERMAID
Dost possess HAST
Dramatic device about which Hamlet says "The play's the thing ..." SHOWWITHINASHOW
Easily become angered HAVEASHORTFUSE
Ed who wrote "87th Precinct" novels MCBAIN
Elec. letters ACDC
Enjoy a hot tub BATHE
Extends across SPANS
Fabled napper HARE
Fair, in forecasts CLEAR
Febreze target ODOR
Fen-__: withdrawn diet-drug combo PHEN
Feng __ SHUI
First instruction STEPA
Fizzles (out) PETERS
Flies over Africa? TSETSES
Frenzied MANIC
Fruit tree grouping ORCHARD
General Arnold of WWII HAP
Gets licked LOSES
Grammar school basics, briefly RRR
Green targets HOLES
Guffaw syllable HAR
Gymnast Mary Lou of Olympics fame RETTON
H-bomb trial, e.g. NTEST
Hauls to the shop TOWS
Highest class ELITE
Hot-dish holder TRIVET
Hr. part MIN
In-flight approx. ETA
Instrument shaker at the end of a minstrel troupe MRTAMBO
Iroquois Confederacy member SENECA
Island east of Java BALI
It starts with enero ANO
Clues Answers
Jazzman known as "Fatha" HINES
Kelly's co-host REGIS
Kindness simile SWEETASHONEY
Kitty starter ANTE
Lacking guile ARTLESS
Lake fisherman's boat DINGHY
Lend a hand HELP
Letters before a trade name DBA
Libya's Gulf of __ SIDRA
Line of bushes HEDGE
Loving: Prefix PHILO
Lunar Asian holiday TET
Made of clay EARTHEN
Made, as a basket WOVE
Make pure CLEANSE
Mantric sounds OMS
Marriage promise TROTH
Marrying on the sly ELOPING
Med. care group HMO
Missile's path ARC
Mutant superhero group of comics XMEN
Nile dam site ASWAN
North Carolina university ELON
Not long, timewise AWHILE
One staying afloat in place TREADER
Open one's law office, say HANGOUTASHINGLE
Pandora's boxful ILLS
PBS chef Martin YAN
PC key below Shift CTRL
Peru's __ Picchu MACHU
Pocatello's state IDAHO
Prefix meaning "spiral" HELIC
Put down DEMEAN
Queen of Troy HECUBA
Rare key in which a section of Chopin's "Polonaise Fantaisie" is written ASHARPMINOR
Ready to be driven TEEDUP
Receiver of property, in law BAILEE
Recent rightist NEOCON
Regal initials HRH
Rock concert memento TSHIRT
Sch. near the Rio Grande UTEP
Scrub up, say PREP
Short story writer known for irony OHENRY
Siberian metropolis OMSK
Sign of burnout hidden in eight puzzle answers ASH
Site of an impromptu nap DEN
Soak (up) SOP
Spoke like Don Corleone RASPED
Star responsible for eclipsing Venus? SERENA
Subject of Indiana Jones's quest ARK
Submit with a stamp MAILIN
Suffix with real ISM
Territory that became two states DAKOTA
Throw easily TOSS
Torn off forcibly AVULSED
Trendy London area SOHO
Type sizes PICAS
Undercover agents SPIES
Unemotional DRYEYED
Unrefined oil CRUDE
Upgrades the factory RETOOLS
Vaughan of jazz SARAH
Vertical PLUMB
Veteran OLDPRO
Wife of Zeus HERA
Words before black or red INTHE
Work of fiction NOVEL
World Series of Poker Main Event game TEXASHOLDEM
___ a rock and a hard place BETWEEN