The Times - Concise - Times Concise Jumbo No 1250

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Clues Answers
— Duncan, American dancer ISADORA
(Of two people) arguing fiercely at each others throats
Accept without protest ACQUIESCE
American river MISSISSIPPI
Appropriately located in situ
Boat; cooking vessel STEAMER
Complete change of opinion or attitude about-face
Connection between spinal chord and cerebral hemispheres BRAINSTEM
Cunning; boat or ship CRAFT
Describing the interactions of communities and money socioeconomic
Destructive event CATASTROPHE
Discussion aimed at compromise NEGOTIATION
Eat noisily MUNCH
Egg-laying tube OVIDUCT
Expressed as numbers NUMERIC
Female ruler EMPRESS
Fixed conventionalised image STEREOTYPE
Francis Ford —, US film-maker COPPOLA
Fraud, falsity DECEIT
Freelance detective private investigator
French war minister after whom a defensive line was named MAGINOT
From the distant past ANTIQUE
Group of nine players NONET
Grow older AGE
Happen again RECUR
Having a permanent post TENURED
Illumination provided for auditorium house lights
Island in West Indies ANTIGUA
Issue (from) EMANATE
Lawn watering device SPRINKLER
Clues Answers
Lead (an attack) SPEARHEAD
Medieval Latin hymn Stabat Mater
Musical parts not to be omitted OBBLIGATI
Non-alcoholic drink tonic water
Not in a straight line non-linear
Not known to exist UNSUSPECTED
One living in a property when sold sitting tenant
One who works hard GRAFTER
Preserve (a body) EMBALM
Reliable, faithful TRUSTY
Remedy, set right REDRESS
Round-headed fixer coach bolt
Slow mollusc SNAIL
Small crustacean branchiopod
Smelling or looking delicious mouth-watering
So as to conjure up images or memories EVOCATIVELY
State of total ignorance cluelessness
Strike sharply RAP
Sustained show of applause OVATION
Take (property) for public use EXPROPRIATE
Tequila cocktail MARGARITA
Tortilla chip NACHO
Towing vessel TUGBOAT
Upper room ATTIC
Using wheeled boots roller-skating
Vegetable CABBAGE
Very well-informed people COGNOSCENTI
Water collecting on a cold surface CONDENSATION