The Times - Concise - Times Concise Jumbo No 1238

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Clues Answers
Account of important events CHRONICLE
All together en masse
Animal fat SUET
Assistant, follower ACOLYTE
Bottle opener CORKSCREW
Building’s electrical installation WIRING
Church assembly SYNOD
Collection of records ARCHIVE
Communication between computer and operator user interface
Consume use up
Cover for meals TABLECLOTH
Cut one’s primary dentition TEETHE
Device for fastening one’s locks HAIRPIN
Eating greedily VORACIOUS
Eg, Leonhard Euler MATHEMATICIAN
Egyptian queen CLEOPATRA
Evil spirit, phantom GHOUL
Examination of one’s own thoughts or feelings INTROSPECTION
Extremely exciting THRILLING
First volume of Tolkien’s epic the fellowship of the ring
Fluid mover PUMP
Foolish talk PRATTLE
Former Spanish currency PESETA
Get faster speed up
Hand gesture WAVE
Having a high reputation in good odour
Hawaiian greeting ALOHA
Impoverished in reduced circumstances
Indian holy man or sage SADHU
Instinctively, inherently INNATELY
Clues Answers
Lacking refinement but serving a purpose rough-and-ready
Light stage work OPERETTA
Literary genre sci-fi
Loss of land and civil rights through conviction for treason ATTAINDER
Meeting attended by whole conference PLENARY
Not genuine INSINCERE
Not mapped UNCHARTED
One of the deadly sins ENVY
Part of a church ANTECHOIR
Patient needing immediate care EMERGENCY
Promising success HOPEFUL
Random hit-or-miss
Recognised, familiar KNOWN
Relating to the stomach GASTRIC
Scented bunch of flowers NOSEGAY
Sergei —, Russian composer RACHMANINOV
Soup dish TUREEN
Spreading out in an ungainly fashion SPRAWLING
Stretchy ELASTIC
Successfully completed a degree course GRADUATED
Sugar solution SYRUP
Systematic; methodical SCIENTIFIC
Terrible, very bad ABOMINABLE
The satisfying of an appetite or desire assuagement
Ticket issued for later use if an event is delayed through weather (US) rain check
Unresolved ending CLIFFHANGER
West Sussex town with a castle ARUNDEL
Woman in charge of a large house CHATELAINE