The Times - Concise - Times Concise Jumbo No 1234

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Clues Answers
Abundant supply of good things CORNUCOPIA
Animal preying on others PREDATOR
BBC radio quiz programme brain of britain
Bird; chess piece ROOK
Blood vessel ARTERY
Branch of science dealing with charges ELECTROSTATICS
Bride’s clothes and linen TROUSSEAU
Cause to explode DETONATE
Certain; greater than zero POSITIVE
Chilled container ICEBOX
Coral ridge REEF
Decide upon before hearing all the evidence PREJUDGE
Doctrine that God has ordained future events PREDESTINATION
Doomed ill-fated
Elegantly luxurious POSH
Everlasting ETERNAL
Expertise; bravery PROWESS
Fastener ZIP
Formal and carefully structured speech set piece
German dramatist and poet SCHILLER
Girl’s name JENNIFER
Heavy and filling food STODGE
Heavy metal fan HEADBANGER
Hindu discipline YOGA
Horse of mixed colour ROAN
Kitchen device TOASTER
Knot; achieve the same score TIE
Language of Pakistan and India URDU
Clues Answers
Large marine mammal CETACEAN
Late December to early January turn of the year
Like some surnames double-barreled
Liking for games and amusement PLAYFULNESS
Line from Bowie’s Space Oddity ground control to major tom
Most prominent FOREMOST
Mouse-like rodent VOLE
Musical entr’acte INTERMEZZO
Of last month ULTIMO
Potential POSSIBLE
Process or state of being scattered DISPERSION
Producing ideas in a discussion group BRAINSTORMING
Prohibit, forbid INTERDICT
Public demonstration PROTEST
Reanimated corpse ZOMBIE
Required standard NORM
Right to buy that can itself be bought or sold traded option
Soft Belgian cheese LIMBURGER
Stealing in times of unrest LOOTING
Steep downward plunge NOSEDIVE
Stupid person IGNORAMUS
Sweet powder SHERBET
Taken as a whole OVERALL
Tell (a story) NARRATE
Third; period of prehistory TERTIARY
Variety of pasta MACARONI
Weather forecaster’s craft meteorological satellite
Wife of Orpheus EURYDICE
Woman’s name BERTHA