The Times - Concise - Times Concise Jumbo No 1225

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Clues Answers
(Of a liquid) not clear CLOUDY
Abnormal outgrowth EXCRESCENCE
Apparatus for sucking fluid from a bodily cavity ASPIRATOR
Boastful behaviour BRAGGADOCIO
Break in a journey STOPOVER
Camp lavatory LATRINE
Cause suffering to AFFLICT
Children’s game LEAPFROG
Christopher —, English playwright MARLOWE
Commercial traveller SALESMAN
Concurrence AGREEMENT
Copy of an object made in a mould plaster cast
Date system introduced in 1582 gregorian calendar
Disease of birds PSITTACOSIS
Famous line from Jane Eyre reader i married him
Fault-finding, censure CRITICISM
Floor covering CARPET
Formal speech ORATION
French policing force GENDARMERIE
From where a person originates BIRTHPLACE
Fruit tree genus CITRUS
Gossip tittle-tattle
Have an aversion to DISLIKE
Illustrative exercise EXAMPLE
In a quick tempo PRESTO
Indian currency RUPEE
Lacking experience NAIVE
Liking to inflict pain on others SADISTIC
Long-haired rabbit ANGORA
Clues Answers
Long-lasting CHRONIC
Look after a child BABYSIT
Magnificent; small pointed beard IMPERIAL
Make smaller REDUCE
Most pitiful SORRIEST
Mouth organ HARMONICA
Naming ceremony CHRISTENING
Non-attendance ABSENCE
Of the highest quality SUPERLATIVE
Pander to excessively OVERINDULGE
Part of a flower PETAL
Peaceful in character PACIFIC
Percussion instrument MARIMBA
Poignant, evocative HAUNTING
Radio transmitter for positioning BEACON
Recognise a distinction DISCRIMINATE
Relating to relationships between people INTERPERSONAL
Right-hand page RECTO
Round figure CIRCLE
Showing (a film) SCREENING
Sincere remorse REPENTANCE
Soft grey fur CHINCHILLA
Soft-hearted; romantic SENTIMENTAL
Unwilling to believe INCREDULOUS
Woman taken to Troy by Paris HELEN
Word puzzle involving pictures REBUS
Work or eating surface TABLETOP