The Times - Concise - Times Concise Jumbo No 1215

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Clues Answers
Acceptance of conflicting beliefs simultaneously DOUBLETHINK
Advocate of controlling the supply of financial resources MONETARIST
Affectedly grand POMPOUS
Allaying doubts REASSURING
Angelically innocent CHERUBIC
Anthony —, English novelist TROLLOPE
Artificial man-made
Audacious attempt to impose on another try-on
Author of The Prince MACHIAVELLI
Black grape variety SHIRAZ
Business partner ASSOCIATE
Cephalopod mollusc NAUTILUS
Country on the Arabian peninsula YEMEN
Day nursery for small children CRECHE
Early Soviet government department COMMISSARIAT
Favouring a select group ELITIST
For the time being pro tem
Formal account given to police STATEMENT
Furtive, sly SNEAKY
Grain husks CHAFF
Gun battle shoot-out
In the highest position at the top of the tree
Insect’s immature form LARVA
Intelligent bird common in captivity african grey parrot
Island in the South Atlantic saint helena
Karlheinz —, German composer STOCKHAUSEN
Line of constant pressure on a map ISOBAR
Locomotive ENGINE
Loss of the ability to move PARALYSIS
Mammal of the giraffe family OKAPI
Clues Answers
Move around (at a function) CIRCULATE
Nominal leader without power FIGUREHEAD
Non-appearance INVISIBILITY
Obsessive enthusiast MANIAC
Occurring at irregular intervals EPISODIC
One providing something SUPPLIER
Pattern of verse rhyme scheme
Peak climber MOUNTAINEER
Periodical bulletin NEWSLETTER
Public or social occasion EVENT
Relative standing STATUS
Roald —, Norwegian explorer AMUNDSEN
Salad plant ENDIVE
Self-taught person AUTODIDACT
Shadow effect seen in high mountains brocken spectre
Showing moderation TEMPERATE
Skimp on effort cut corners
Skin cleanser before injection surgical spirit
Small piece; fight SCRAP
Small triangular shawl FICHU
Spring flowers NARCISSI
Submissive person DOORMAT
Teller of anecdotes RACONTEUR
Test of knowledge EXAMINATION
The present time TODAY
Tropical mammal TAPIR
Unsweetened cake SCONE
US town famous for witch trials SALEM
Winter sportsperson SKATER
Writer of reviews CRITIC