The Times - Concise - Times Concise Jumbo No 1211

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Clues Answers
Armorial system HERALDRY
Buoyant safety ring LIFEBELT
Cape gooseberry PHYSALIS
Chaotic, mismanaged SHAMBOLIC
City of Cumbria CARLISLE
City of Florida MIAMI
City of Maryland BALTIMORE
Clothes for a special occasion glad rags
Confused sounds NOISE
Cows and oxen CATTLE
Cured herring KIPPER
Dairy product clotted cream
Degree dissertation THESIS
Disposed (towards); leaning INCLINED
Eg, ballerina DANCER
Eg, rust iron oxide
Exaggerated larger than life
Female cat LIONESS
From Italy’s capital ROMAN
Game for swimmers water polo
German printing pioneer GUTENBERG
Great delight GLEE
Green liqueur Creme de menthe
Hastily reversing an action or opinion back-pedalling
Hunting dog LURCHER
In a bodily manner PHYSICALLY
Keep well informed about events have ones ear to the ground
Legislator LAWMAKER
Long-necked mammal GIRAFFE
Clues Answers
Looking with partly closed eyes SQUINTING
Material for timber platform DECKING
Medieval Welsh book of tales MABINOGION
Percussion instrument side drum
Persistent, pressing IMPORTUNATE
Powerful; highly alcoholic STRONG
Proportionally pro rata
Provoking laughter RISIBLE
Push off go away
Putting right REMEDYING
Refuse to be persuaded dig ones heels in
Relating to the ear OTIC
Ripe and ready for use in season
Rule as monarch REIGN
Small drink; photograph SHOT
Small writing desk SECRETAIRE
State of seeking election or nomination candidature
Steep rock face PRECIPICE
Stringed instrument BANJO
The killing of young children infanticide
Thinking up IMAGINING
Tidal wave TSUNAMI
Triangular top of a portico PEDIMENT
Upper classes ARISTOCRACY
Voting method postal ballot
Whatever reward may be offered not for all the tea in china
Where a person was born BIRTHPLACE
Wild animal collection MENAGERIE
Workers’ organisation UNION