The Times - Concise - Times Concise Jumbo No 671

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Clues Answers
(Heraldic) red GULES
Able to read and write LITERATE
Abrupt TERSE
Absolutely necessary ESSENTIAL
Agreement; shrink CONTRACT
Ancient warship BIREME
Apply (a force) EXERT
Area of south London elephant and castle
Arranged in order of rank HIERARCHIC
Athletic event DECATHLON
Become smaller or fewer LESSEN
Bleak, depressing DREARY
Charismatic quality STARDUST
Created to a customer’s specifications made to order
Cure, remedy TREATMENT
Eager desire for wealth AVARICIOUSNESS
End or extremity TERMINUS
Expert judge of taste CONNOISSEUR
Expression of gratitude or respect TRIBUTE
Film classification CERTIFICATE
Final, after a time EVENTUAL
Foot-operated lever PEDAL
Forgot words (on stage) DRIED
Fruit conference pear
Greek letter SIGMA
Indecisive DITHERY
Inn, public house TAVERN
Internal organ STOMACH
Killed offering to a deity SACRIFICE
Lawyer (in Scotland) PROCURATOR
Limit (a supply) RATION
Clues Answers
Logical and convincing COGENT
Long piece of writing SCREED
Make unhappy; knock over UPSET
Male goose GANDER
Massive and lasting MONUMENTAL
Material for inner walls PLASTERBOARD
Means of entry INLET
Most advantageous side of race course inside track
Newspaper head EDITOR
One who initiates (something) INSTIGATOR
Part of the foot INSTEP
Piped music MUSAK
Play of rainbow colours IRIDESCENCE
Process of shortening (a text) ABRIDGEMENT
Radiation just outside the visible spectrum ULTRAVIOLET
Region of France NORMANDY
Regularly going to worship CHURCHGOING
Relating to a forearm bone ULNAR
Remove moisture from (an air or gas) DEHUMIDIFY
Scots landowner LAIRD
Serviette holder napkin ring
Serving a useful purpose CONSTRUCTIVE
Something that motivates INCENTIVE
State of being whole INTEGRITY
Sturdy, resilient ROBUST
Subminiature photo MICRODOT
Taught to a select few ESOTERIC
Turning machine LATHE
Type of singing voice coloratura soprano
Undergo change MUTATE
Unquestionable DECIDED