The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8029

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Clues Answers
Break up (a group) DISBAND
Burnt residue ASH
Butter substitute MARGARINE
Citrus preserve MARMALADE
Close crowd; drink CRUSH
Cooking appliance HOB
Deliberate destruction VANDALISM
Determined; resolute DECIDED
Enemy FOE
Fail in (an exam) FLUNK
Famous jeweller CARTIER
Father DAD
Feed like a duck DABBLE
Clues Answers
Fence, obstacle BARRIER
Grasping woman HARPY
Group of three TRINITY
Lack of good taste VULGARITY
Leave quickly SCRAM
Make believe PRETEND
Make neater tidy up
Noise; in good condition SOUND
Opening; say MOUTH
Proper; passable DECENT
Reprimanded REBUKED
School subject MATHS
Timber cutter SAWYER
Usefulness UTILITY