Universal - Jul 27 2019

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Clues Answers
"Giant Brain" of 1946 ENIAC
"In seventh heaven" or "on cloud nine" IDIOM
"That hurts!" OUCH
"The Lego Movie" hero EMMET
*Certain jazz piece (letters 6-13) TRUMPETCONCERTO
*Farm family's food source, perhaps (letters 7-14) SUBSISTENCECROP
*Prominent place for an NBA team's logo (see letters 1-8) CENTERCOURT
52, in ancient Rome LII
Acid test paper LITMUS
Altar declarations IDOS
Beginning ASOF
Berry harvested from a palm ACAI
Big Mack? SEMI
Blackbeard portrayer McShane IAN
Bossy's mouthful CUD
Cheese partner MAC
Collared NABBED
Crossed (out) XED
Curly companion MOE
Daily delivery MAIL
Deanna on the Enterprise TROI
Dermal woe ACNE
Drop the ball ERR
E.R. figures MDS
Egg designation AALARGE
Final notice OBIT
First installment PARTI
For all to hear ALOUD
Former Chevrolet subcompact AVEO
Foundation foundation? ... or a hint to the starred entries' indicated letters CONCRETEMIX
Froot Loops mascot, e.g TOUCAN
Game with sets and matches TENNIS
Garage service LUBE
Good-sized chamber group OCTET
Hedy in old films LAMARR
In the style of ALA
It may be inherited TRAIT
Clues Answers
Keen insight ACUMEN
Kimono accessory OBI
Legendary MYTHIC
Letter-shaped fasteners TNUTS
Like a fictional hatter MAD
Mixed breed MUTT
Neutral shade ECRU
Night light? AURORA
Noisy crib toys RATTLES
One-hit wonder? ACE
Plea for help SOS
Porgy's girlfriend BESS
Presentation parts, often SLIDES
Put mileage on USE
Rainbow color before violet INDIGO
Rural stopover INN
Singer Gorme EYDIE
Six-point completion, informally TDPASS
Slop-serving spot STY
Small fruit pie TART
Small stone fruit APRICOT
Sounds off OPINES
Speeds (along) RACES
Stunning weapons TASERS
Tanning bed emanations UVRAYS
Tear up REND
Theater district RIALTO
Top of a foot INSTEP
Top-of-the-line AONE
Vivacity ELAN
Walk unsteadily TOTTER
Wee bit TAD
Wide-ranging DIVERSE
Win over ENDEAR
___ Rabbit BRER
___ Taylor (fashion store) ANN
___-lacto vegetarian OVO
___-Locka, Florida OPA