- Jul 27 2019

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Clues Answers
''Faster than shaving'' brand of old NEET
''Here's something to think about'' CHEWONTHAT
''__ I should prove the mother of fools'': Shakespeare LEST
57 seconds, vis-à-vis commercial flights SHORTEST
Authentic, from the German ECHT
Be brutish USEFORCE
Bed acquisition TAN
Best of a bad lot LEASTWORST
Big digs ESTATE
Cafeterias for caterpillars OAKS
Cause of what Pliny called ''ferrum corrumpitur'' RUSTING
Certain state rep ASSTDA
Come to question? HOWMANY
Completed at a cup HOLED
Deep South sweet TEACAKE
Deere's Gator, for one ATV
Facebook friend, at times TAGGER
Flaky-dough pastry CRONUT
For safety's sake INCASE
Gallerist designation MFA
Gets courses for quarters EATSIN
Gets together ALLIES
Got somehow SENSED
Hash tag SNAFU
Headline buyout, e.g MEGADEAL
In a muddle SNARLED
India joined it about 50 million years ago ASIA
It means ''flow'' RHEO
It's northeast of Rotterdam UTRECHT
Italian cardinal TRE
Law student learning on the job EXTERN
Less than hale ACHY
Clues Answers
Major influence on Matisse VANGOGH
Material favored by Pepys LACE
Meal conclusion IEST
Morse code addition of 2004 ATSIGN
Moved down the runway STRUTTED
Offer to serve ICAN
Paid Instagram posts, for short SPONCON
Part of many loyalty program names REWARDS
Pet rodent of the comics RATBERT
Phantom Menace contest inspired by ''Ben-Hur'' PODRACE
Pipelike TUBULAR
Reaction to a cold one BRR
Rolls at the ballpark TARPS
Ronald Reagan __ Medical Center UCLA
Scholar who debated Luther ERASMUS
Scintilla DOT
Selling point VIRTUE
Servers with squad goals NCOS
Shot in the arm AID
Spin cycle? EDDY
Spirit of fulfillment GENIE
Squalid SKEEVY
Still in doubt UNPROVEN
Suit spec REG
Transplant RESETTLE
Two-quark subatomic particle KAON
Uncommitted, as in WWII NEUT
Underground Railroad hiding place HAYLOFT
Very cute, so to speak ADORBS
Wander logically ERR
What Dionysus' crown was made of IVY
Word from the Latin for ''I say'' ADAGE
__ above ACUT