Wall Street Journal - Jul 27 2019 - Say Cheese

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Clues Answers
'And not only that...' BUTALSO
'Congressional Record' printer: Abbr GPO
'Major Barbara' playwright SHAW
'The Old Man and the Sea,' for example? CATCHACCOUNT
'You got that right!' AMEN
2006 role for Forest Whitaker AMIN
Activity that might cause you to draw a blank SCRABBLE
Assns ORGS
Back covers, often ADS
Before, to Byron ERE
Big busyness ADO
Blockheads CLODS
Bobby of hockey ORR
Bronze coating PATINA
Bus. bigwig CEO
Buttonhole ACCOST
Canton on Lake Lucerne URI
Certain something AURA
Chances ODDS
Chapel exchange IDOS
Charlemagne's domain: Abbr HRE
City at the north end of the Gateway to the Americas International Bridge LAREDO
City with a view of Mauna Kea HILO
Cleveland cager, for short CAV
Colbert carrier CBS
Comic ___ Baron Cohen SACHA
Conspicuous success ECLAT
Conversation starter HELLO
Correspond AGREE
Court stat ASSIST
Crosspiece RUNG
Crossword component GRID
Cry of surrender UNCLE
Difficult maneuver for the nonmultitasker? WALKINGCHEW
Discussing ecological issues? EARTHCHATTERING
Dishonest baby furniture salesman? CRIBCHEAT
Divvy up ALLOT
Doing a fine job casting spells? WITCHINGWELL
Domain suffix DOTNET
Entry on a honey-do list? CHORELINE
Excelled SHONE
Famous fashion initials YSL
Final Four grp NCAA
First name in horror LON
Fix a shower, perhaps RETILE
Ford's successor CARTER
Foreign minister under Meir EBAN
Forensic TV franchise CSI
Give as an example CITE
Give off EMIT
Go for LIKE
Grazing sites LEAS
Half of an interrogation team GOODCOP
Hardly used NEWISH
High card in Monte Carlo ROI
Hindu greeting NAMASTE
Hitting blackjack after blackjack, say ONARUN
Home of Senators Collins and King MAINE
Homeowners with mortgages, e.g LIENEES
Horror maven Craven WES
Hybrid garment SKORT
Hydrotherapy sites SPAS
In poor condition SORRY
Inverse trig function ARCSIN
Is, for Augustus EST
Clues Answers
Its capital is Asmara ERITREA
Jazzy Fitzgerald ELLA
Least abundant SCARCEST
Left ventricle's outlet AORTA
Less willing to listen DEAFER
Let up ABATE
Mamie's man IKE
Maneuverable, to mariners YAR
Many a bunt, for short SAC
May birthstone EMERALD
Messy dresser SLOB
Mohawked man of 'The A-Team' MRT
Moistens WETS
More reasonable SANER
Most demanding BOSSIEST
Named, briefly IDED
None of the above OTHER
Not dissonant TONAL
Not here ABSENT
Numbers game LOTTO
Old French poem LAI
Old Testament book RUTH
Painter Chagall MARC
Party dances CONGAS
Pear-shaped instrument LUTE
Perspiring more SWEATIER
Pond paddler SWAN
Pool ball type STRIPE
Put your foot down? SPEED
Quantum physics pioneer BOHR
Quoter's disclaimer SIC
Rare blood type, informally BNEG
Razor brand ATRA
Recoil WINCE
Reject derisively SPURN
Reservation at a restaurant, say? CHAIRHOLDER
Riviera season ETE
Rocket parts NOSECONES
Roll of bucks WAD
Roofing material SLATE
Sarandon's 'Lorenzo's Oil' co-star NOLTE
Scull OAR
Self-satisfied look GRIN
Sick from too much junk food? CHIPWRECKED
Skin feature PORE
Some appliances RCAS
Sound systems STEREOS
Sounds of hesitation UHS
Specialty AREA
Spot for cooking a luau pig? BAKINGDITCH
The Steel City, in brief PGH
Tie up LACE
Tony and Oscar AWARDS
Tourney favorite ONESEED
Treats on sticks ICEPOPS
Trick-taking game SKAT
Trying people ESSAYERS
Voyage start? BON
Water under the bridge MOAT
Wedding cake feature TIER
When, colloquially SOONAS
Williams in Cooperstown TED
Without a stitch BARENAKED
Woodstock phenomenon FREELOVE
Words before premium or loss ATA
Words before town or job ONTHE
Yank's opponent REB