The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,113 - Jul 26 2019

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Clues Answers
Adopt a series of steps to disappear quickly TAKEFLIGHT
Brag as one involved in murder? CROW
Chariot overturning in the land of Spartacus THRACE
Cinema must throw a shouter out ARTHOUSE
Cosy at home, confronting the enemy INTIME
Divine manifestation of a king at the rear of a tank? AVATAR
Earth disturbed by number seen as menace THREATEN
Engineers getting caught, stuck in rubbish -- we bring relief REDCROSS
Expanse of water providing a bit of summer entertainment MERE
Freedom from restraint that is minimal in Quito LATITUDE
Historical leader of independence, guerrilla in imitation of others PASTICHE
Huge number sing by way of conveying love TRILLION
Imagine meal mostly containing fat? SUPPOSE
Infuriated and enraged, going berserk ANGERED
Like a racket that's hurt, ear finally having to be covered STRUNG
Clues Answers
Little woman coming to the Spanish house of prayer BETHEL
Maybe Oxford poetry is all there is UNIVERSE
Men only half clever engaging a wise fellow ORACLE
Nobleman upset due to being excluded from activity COUNTEDOUT
Not bad, we may become pessimistic DOWNBEAT
Old fellow in revolt is to become a Catholic ROMANISE
Pirates from whom may be heard rude affectation CORSAIRS
Prayer in Latin translated by unknown character LITANY
Princess meeting poet and pharmacist DISPENSER
Sign of injury that is seen on street causing most dismay SCARIEST
Some earl or duke? Possibly LORD
Thus house has no use in one part of London SOHO
University head gathers 500 for briefing UPDATE
US author may, from what we hear? HAWTHORNE
Written pieces, small bits with no heading ARTICLES