New York Times - Jul 25 2019

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Clues Answers
'... you sure about that?' ORISIT
'Brave New World' drug SOMA
'Is there a point to all this?' AND
'No worries' ITSOK
1990s antidiscrimination law, for short ADA
2007 #1 Alicia Keys album ASIAM
2012 time travel thriller LOOPER
2020, but not 2019 or 2021 YEAR
90s kid? ASTUDENT
Action figure with 21 moving parts GIJOE
Actor Penn KAL
American Pharoah or Citation BAY
Aquarium attractions OCTOPI
Artistic school project DIORAMA
Belarusian, e.g SLAV
British royal WILLIAM
C-worthy SOSO
Cabo's peninsula BAJA
Certain photo filter SEPIA
Classic Dr. Seuss book ONPOP
Completely, in modern lingo TOTES
Cousin of -ian ESQUE
Cousin of a Drama Desk Award OBIE
Dry run DRILL
Edible algae used to wrap sushi NORI
Epitome of luxury, with 'the' RITZ
Film not seen in theaters TVMOVIE
Finnish tech giant NOKIA
Flee to avoid obligations, say TOWN
Franchise with a 'Cyber' spinoff CSI
Friends of Nancy AMIS
God often depicted with a shield ARES
Gym pair, informally SNEAKS
If-then-___ (kind of logic statement) ELSE
Clues Answers
iPhone download MOBILE
It's in the pipeline OIL
Kylo ___ (Adam Driver role) REN
Last ___ STRAW
Loading area PIER
Los Angeles neighborhood that includes Dodger Stadium ECHO
Managed to get, with 'out' EKED
Mephistophelian SATANIC
Most of Google's income ADSALES
Mountain rescue group SKI
Neighbor of Turkey IRAQ
New Hampshire academy locale EXETER
Ninny TWIT
Not join, with 'out' OPT
Not on ___ ABET
On topic GERMANE
Part of the body between la bouche and les yeux NEZ
Piece of hotel room furniture ARMOIRE
Popular streaming device ROKU
Possible response to 'How did you know?' ESP
Rapper Nicki MINAJ
Retro style DECO
Sheets of rain? TARPS
Some basketball shots ... and the theme of this puzzle JUMPERS
Sounds at a fireworks show AAHS
Specialty of Kansas City cooks RIBS
Stereo knob BASS
Sunday delivery SERMON
Thirst for CRAVE
Unerasable, say INPEN
Unwavering IRON
Up to it ABLE
Ventilated container PETCRATE
Walked heavily TROD
What may be found behind the appendix INDEX
Winter temps, in many places TEENS
___ Railroad Co. v. Tompkins (landmark 1938 Supreme Court case) ERIE