Wall Street Journal - Jul 25 2019 - Pluses and Minuses

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Clues Answers
'Well, well, well!' OHO
'___ perpetua' (Idaho motto) ESTO
60-Across, for one PAPER
ACL setting KNEE
Admire, and then some REVERE
Biz bigwigs CEOS
Boat made of gopher wood ARK
British bonehead PRAT
Cashmere company founder Augustine TSE
Cry accompanying a fist pump YES
Dancer's wear LEOTARD
Decides, in a way VOTESON
Driller's deg DDS
Drive problem IOERROR
Dull, metaphorically VANILLA
Encyc. unit VOL
Falling-out RIFT
Father in June, e.g HONOREE
Film studio of Hollywood's Golden Age RKO
Final Olds models ALEROS
Food whose name means 'small wheels' ROTINI
Fortunate INLUCK
Hasn't left the office, say ISIN
Head of the Louvre? TETE
Hidden camera show of 2001-02 SPYTV
High point TOP
High point of a skyline CONSPIRE
Incitement VOCATION
Includes, on some memos CCS
It goes off with a bang TNT
It starts in the corner ROOK
It's a minus, and what must be subtracted from 46-, 52- and 63-Across CON
It's a plus, and what must be added to 14-, 20- and 29-Across PRO
Knight in a white mantle bearing a red cross TEMPLAR
Leaf and others NISSANS
Leave out OMIT
Clues Answers
Made advances to POSITIONED
Marvin Gaye's '___ Tomorrow' TIL
Media debut of September 1982 USATODAY
Mouth off YAP
Move, to movers RELO
Mug, say OVERACT
Nadya Suleman, in 2009 headlines OCTOMOM
Nobel-winning author of 'Disgrace' COETZEE
Oceanus or Phoebe, e.g TITAN
One side of a story CONVERSION
Passing results that are more than just passing, for short TDS
Present time in Paris? NOEL
Price to pay to play ENTRYFEE
Prime prime rib selections ENDCUTS
Prune SNIP
Public presentation PERSONA
Quarterback plays SNEAKS
Quirky ODD
Retreat DEN
Roll in the dirt? SOD
Rural enclosure STY
Shapiro of NPR ARI
Shot spot ARM
Shrewdness ACUMEN
Singer K.T OSLIN
Start a new term? COIN
State bird of the Aloha State NENE
Take it easy LAZE
They're found underfoot CONSOLES
Titles of veneration in India SRIS
Together INSTEP
Tools for geometry class TRACTORS
Unblinking ALLEYES
Wearing Lacoste, perhaps PREPPY
Winning line, at times OOO
With it SANE
Word common in fairy tale finales EVER