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Clues Answers
'Behold!,' to Brutus ECCE
'George and —' (1990s talk show) ALANA
'Huzzah!' CONGRATS
'POV' airer PBS
'Yes, —!' ('For sure!') SIREE
'— found it!' IVE
1 Peter and 1 Timothy, in the Bible FIRSTEPISTLES
Actor Davis in many Spike Lee films OSSIE
Actress Lena OLIN
Adds pep to LIVENSUP
Adversity WOE
Age-verifying docs IDS
Ale grain MALT
Armory stuff AMMO
Awareness SENSE
Baby doll call MAMA
Beethoven specialty SONATA
Biology and ecology, e.g SCIENCES
Blue Period artist Pablo PICASSO
Bodega, e.g MART
Brutus' lang LAT
Came to pass OCCURRED
Cannes' Palme — DOR
Capri, e.g., to a Capriote ISOLA
Cherishes ADORES
Chilled ICED
Clan carvings TOTEMS
Comedian Rickles DON
Composer Camille Saint- — SAENS
Conductor of impulses NEURON
Court excuse ALIBI
Creme-filled cookies OREOS
Crusty, cheesy brand in the frozen food aisle CELESTEPIZZA
Danish port ODENSE
Detecting of sweetness, flavor, etc TASTEPERCEPTION
Direct LEAD
Dog healer VET
Dried out SERE
Drizzles, e.g RAINS
Dry gully ARROYO
Ekberg of Hollywood ANITA
Encourage HEARTEN
Ending for journal ISM
Ending for journal ESE
Enter ... or what each of seven long answers in this puzzle has STEPINSIDE
ET and such ALIENS
Eyelashes, anatomically CILIA
Fan noise HUM
Figure skater's jump LUTZ
Filmmaker Preminger OTTO
Freeway exit inclines RAMPS
Funny Fey TINA
Fury IRE
Future pupa LARVA
Get a look at ESPY
GI address APO
Give the boot EVICT
Go higher RISE
Goes on foot WALKS
Gorilla or gibbon APE
Grain storers SILOS
Green gp EPA
Gung-ho on INTO
High ethical standards SCRUPLES
Highway distance marker MILEPOST
Hindu monks SWAMIS
Hindu social classes as they relate to government affairs CASTEPOLITICS
Ignominy SHAME
In time past AGO
Clues Answers
In view SEEN
Installments of TV series that were not preserved LOSTEPISODES
Insurer with a duck mascot AFLAC
Internet ID URL
Iris' place in the eye UVEA
Irish playwright Sean OCASEY
It may be loose-leaf NOTEBOOK
It may result in landfills WASTEPRODUCTION
Jed Clampett player Buddy EBSEN
John Irving's 'A Prayer for Owen —' MEANY
Keen insight ACUMEN
Long poems in which animals speak and act like humans BEASTEPICS
Lord's home ESTATE
Lumber tool ADZ
Make obscure BEDIM
Masterful ADEPT
Much-shared GIF, maybe MEME
Murmur continuously BURBLE
NASA moon lander LEM
Neighbor of Colo NEB
Not busy IDLE
Nothing NIL
Old Olds REO
On the job ATIT
One of the Judds NAOMI
Open, as some jackets UNZIP
Orator of old Rome CICERO
Org. for a periodontist ADA
Overhead rails ELS
Parcel (out) METE
Philosopher with a logical 'razor' OCCAM
Place atop SETON
Pooh creator MILNE
Pop music of Jamaica SKA
Pre-'91 world power USSR
Prepare to pray, say KNEEL
Pub. houses hire them EDS
Puppy bite NIP
Put up — fight AGOOD
Redcap, e.g PORTER
Rhythm METER
Road part for cyclists BIKELANE
Salinger's 'love and squalor' girl ESME
San — Bay DIEGO
Say wrongly MISSTATE
Scottish isle IONA
Sea demigod TRITON
Sent forth EMITTED
Seville cheer OLE
Singer Benatar PAT
Sis, say SIB
Sister of Luke, in sci-fi LEIA
Spiny-crested lizard IGUANA
Stellar bear URSA
Stellar hunter ORION
Surrendered GAVEIN
Take revenge GETEVEN
Tavern cask KEG
Three- — sloth TOED
Trees that tremble ASPENS
TV's Turner TED
Ukraine city ODESSA
Undergoes oxidation RUSTS
Wallet singles ONES
Wound antiseptic IODINE
— Lankan SRI
— Park (Edison's lab site) MENLO