- Jul 24 2019

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Clues Answers
''That's enough!'' NOMORE
''That's what I want to hear!'' MUSICTOMYEARS
''__ crying shame!'' ITSA
Airshow maneuver LOOP
Apple discard CORE
Approximately AROUND
Arguing in court PLEADING
Bank job HEIST
Bird's abode NEST
Boxing result, for short TKO
Casual eatery DINER
Catch, as a criminal NAB
Come to terms AGREE
Cornell's city ITHACA
Coup d'__ ETAT
Dad's sister AUNT
Dairy farm grazers COWS
Debtor's note IOU
Dejected mood FUNK
Electric eye, e.g SENSOR
Exquisitely elegant movement POETRYINMOTION
Feel bad about RUE
Fictional Karenina ANNA
Field of expertise AREA
Flower with sword-shaped leaves IRIS
Fly high SOAR
Formal talk SPEECH
Geode stone AGATE
Gifted 9 Down deliverer ORATOR
Girl Scout group TROOP
Goes bad ROTS
Golf tees, for instance PEGS
Heart test, briefly ECG
Helpers: Abbr ASSTS
Hinged door fastener HASP
Houston ballplayer, familiarly STRO
Japanese motorcycle and piano maker YAMAHA
Jason's mythical ship ARGO
Clues Answers
Jonas Salk's conquest POLIO
Knock gently TAP
Letters before an alias AKA
Light on a clear day SUNSHINE
Main purpose AIM
Makes a wager BETS
Matured AGED
Nepal's continent ASIA
Nickname for an Ali island fight DRAMAINBAHAMA
No longer a child GROWN
Old statue's tint PATINA
Olympian war god ARES
Orangutans, for instance APES
Perched on ATOP
Photo shooter CAM
Predatory whale ORCA
Pull up a chair SIT
Qualifies for EARNS
Rabbit's move HOP
Resort with springs SPA
Rural lodging INN
Sassy PERT
Set afire LIT
Setting a boundary DRAWINGTHELINE
Small singing group TRIO
Soccer great Mia HAMM
Sometime later NOTYET
Spendable singles ONES
Swiss peaks ALPS
Tablet downloads APPS
Things seen IMAGES
Try out TEST
User-edited website WIKI
Wander all over ROAM
Warning to a tot NONO
Way over yonder AFAR
__ Blanc (peak in the 35 Across) MONT