The Washington Post - Jul 24 2019

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Clues Answers
'Gilmore Girls' matriarch EMILY
'It's __ fault' NOONES
'Just a __!' SEC
'Moby-Dick' captain AHAB
'Nope' UHUH
'The Good Wife' and 'The Good Fight' network CBS
14-Across' yes AYE
19th-century education reformer HORACEMANN
Animal whose full name is from the Greek for 'nose-horned' RHINO
Asks for a treat, dog-style BEGS
Bad reviews PANS
Barista's decoration LATTEART
Base __ TEN
Bit of election season ugliness SMEAR
Boxer Laila ALI
Callers' links to specific depts EXTS
Chocolate-and-toffee bar SKOR
CPR providers EMTS
Cry bitterly SOB
Dawg and bae, e.g SLANGTERMS
Dawn direction EAST
Deux divided by two UNE
Deux, across the Pyrenees DOS
Elicit oohs and aahs AMAZE
Facial spasm TIC
Fast-food toy giveaways, typically TIEINS
Flares up BLAZES
Follow the leader OBEY
GameCube rival XBOX
Go over once more REHASH
Hampton Inn rival RAMADA
Hill helpers AIDES
Himalayan of legend THEYETI
Hindu religious leaders SWAMIS
Hostage taker CAPTOR
Hurries SCOOTS
Clues Answers
In a fog ADDLED
In order (to) SOAS
Isn't honest with LIESTO
J.Lo's fiancé AROD
Jazz dance STOMP
King canine CUJO
Lean-to relative SHANTY
Like a momentous event EARTHSHATTERING
Medicine man in 'The Princess Bride' MIRACLEMAX
Mocking remark JAPE
Network connections NODES
Not doing much IDLE
Philly team SIXERS
Pigs out (on), for short ODS
Plant swelling EDEMA
Risqué message SEXT
Sailor's telescope SPYGLASS
Set to the same time, say SYNC
Short holiday? XMAS
Sludge MUD
Some green cards? AMEXES
Some of this, some of that ... and a hint to the circled squares MIXEDBAG
Strand, as in '57-Across' ENISLE
Support after a bad break? CAST
Target of campaign finance laws SUPERPAC
TD scorers RBS
They're not meant literally IDIOMS
Travels like a shark SWIMS
TV drama that begins with the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 LOST
Twisted Sister frontman Dee SNIDER
Via plane BYAIR
Wham-O summer lawn toy that needs water SLIPNSLIDE
With skepticism ASKANCE
__ vera ALOE