- Jul 23 2019

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Clues Answers
''Dear __ or madam . . .'' SIR
''Do __ others . . .'' UNTO
''For here __ go?'' ORTO
''Help!'' at sea SOS
''Morning Edition'' network NPR
''Seinfeld'' or ''Modern Family'' SITCOM
''You understand?'' GETME
A Great Lake ERIE
Air conduits DUCTS
Alpine tune YODEL
Appear to be SEEM
Approximately ORSO
Athlete who's paid PRO
Be scared of FEAR
Beachgoer's headgear SUNHAT
Birch or maple TREE
Black hardwood EBONY
Blot gently DABAT
Convenient to carry PORTABLE
Cook on a grill BROIL
Costa del __ (region of Spain) SOL
Discontinued Swedish auto SAAB
Embarrass ABASH
Fern seed SPORE
Firecracker noises BANGS
Flightless Australian bird EMU
Frilly material LACE
Front of a clock FACE
Gas in store signs NEON
Group of cows HERD
Hardly any FEW
Has a formal meal DINES
Historical period ERA
Hot edibles SPICYFOOD
Hot new product LATESTTHING
Hot vehicle STOLENCAR
Clues Answers
In good health WELL
Less common RARER
Lessens, as the tide ABATES
Male pal in Paris AMI
Not yet determined, on a sched TBA
Off-road ride, briefly ATV
Omelet's main ingredients EGGS
Opposite of post- PRE
Overcast sky's color GRAY
Painter's stand EASEL
Passes in a car DRIVESBY
Piccolo cousin FLUTE
Prayer conclusion AMEN
Prefix in aviation AERO
Privileged group HAVES
Raggedy doll ANN
Salary increase RAISE
Sch. near Beverly Hills UCLA
Score 100% on a test ACEIT
Sentimental person SOFTY
Share, with ''up'' DIVVY
Shore bird GULL
Staircase surface STEP
Subtle glow AURA
Suffix for gang or prank STER
Teheran's country IRAN
Thanksgiving parade sponsor MACYS
Tile installer's mortar GROUT
Triangular-shaped house AFRAME
Unaccompanied ALONE
Untie or unshackle LETLOOSE
Voice above tenor ALTO
Waterproof covering TARP
What contact lenses cover EYES
When many have lunch ATNOON
When planes are due: Abbr ETAS
Young man BOY