Universal - Aug 15 2001

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Clues Answers
''Dear me!'' ALAS
''The Auld Sod,'' romantically ERIN
32,000 ounces TON
Anonymous litigant DOE
Bit of current AMP
Brood tender HEN
City in Greenland THULE
Current hot spots? ANODES
Danny's frequent co-star MEL
Denizen of a certain farm ANT
Doggedness TENACITY
Door positioning AJAR
Drought-damaged SERE
Eggy concoction NOG
Emulate a landscaper LOP
Exacts revenge on GETS
Exemplar of easiness PIE
Exhausted SPENT
Fencer's foil EPEE
Find ever so cute ADORE
Gusted BLEW
Hard to believe TALL
Healthy revolutionary? HALE
Impassioned ARDENT
Incumbency SEAT
Indian garment SARI
Insertion symbol CARET
Intemperate outburst TIRADE
It's a real moneymaker MINT
It's in the pot ANTE
James or Owens JESSE
Jane Curtin role ALLIE
Keeps folks in stitches? SEWS
Kind of acid FATTY
Lanyard ROPE
Lavish celebration GALA
Locale of original sin EDEN
Lubricated OILED
Clues Answers
Mersey potable ALE
Nones follower IDES
Nuthatch home NEST
Old measures of length PACES
One whose pants are on fire LIAR
Pergola ARBOR
Philandering FLIRTING
Pilaf ingredient RICE
Poetic conjunction ERE
Poetic pugilist ALI
Postemployment package, sometimes GOLDENPARACHUTE
Powwows CHATS
Pulitzer poet Dugan ALAN
Pyrotechnic device SHELL
Reactor part CORE
Restraints, as on spending LIDS
Result of a buyout, perhaps EARLYRETIREMENT
Road grooves RUTS
Sets' opposite RISES
Shopper's delight SALE
Sires' desires? MARES
Sistine Chapel figure ADAM
Skein components GEESE
Some Phyfe pieces SETTEES
South American rodent PACA
Speakeasy risk RAID
Students study them NOTES
Tacit approvals NODS
They may lie around the house PETS
They're more important than kings ACES
Thoroughfare STREET
Well-bred Londoners GENTS
What executives climb CORPORATELADDER
What one little piggy had NONE
What the kittens lost MITTENS
With candor OPENLY
Word to a pest SCRAM
Years and years and years AGES