Wall Street Journal - Jul 22 2019 - Body Check

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Clues Answers
'Just ___ thought...' ASI
'Let me join in!' IWANTTO
'___ you quite finished?' ARE
Ancient letter form RUNE
At any time EVER
Autograph signer CELEB
Bar order SHOT
Bergen of 'Madam Secretary' ERICH
Best Western competitor RAMADA
Bibliographer's space-saving abbr ETAL
Big butte MESA
Bodily pouches SACS
Bruins powerhouse Bobby ORR
Central African nation GABON
Chest muscle, for short PEC
Comfortable shoe, perhaps SLIPON
Commotion ADO
Company branch catering to other companies CORPORATEARM
Creature in a colony ANT
Cyclist's headgear HELMET
Daiquiri ingredient RUM
Datebook abbr APPT
Decimal system base TEN
Destiny KISMET
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
Elevations: Abbr HTS
Errands list heading TODO
Floral fruit in herbal teas ROSEHIP
Freeway division LANE
Fuss over one's appearance PREEN
Get the suds out of RINSE
Id ___ EST
Interruption of service OUTAGE
Intl. military alliance NATO
It might be acute, right or obtuse ANGLE
Jacket flap LAPEL
Lena of 'The Reader' OLIN
Like many Pride Parade participants GAY
Clues Answers
Making one's case in court PLEADING
March 15, for example IDES
Margarine, quaintly OLEO
Masseur's bottlefuls OILS
Memory problem AMNESIA
Mineral-packed rock ORE
Narrow inlet RIA
Nevada casino town RENO
Only surviving major character in 'Hamlet' HORATIO
Ordinal number ending ETH
Park City's state UTAH
Partner of Zeus HERA
Pastry also called a palmier ELEPHANTEAR
Pay by the month RENT
Plant part STEM
Pole features ICECAPS
Prepare for publication EDIT
Put on a black coat? TAR
Romantically linked couple ITEM
Sailing speed units KNOTS
Shoulder muscle, for short DELT
Sister's daughter NIECE
Skier's jacket PARKA
Small spot in the sea ISLET
Spot for a grill PATIO
States one's views OPINES
Sumptuously furnished POSH
Syria neighbor: Abbr LEB
Take to court SUE
The Parthenon, for one GREEKTEMPLE
Torch song topic LOVE
Traffic tie-ups SNARLS
Up to, for short TIL
Winnie-the-Pooh exclamation OHBOTHER
Words of full support, or a hint to the ends of 20-, 27-, 35- and 48-Across IMONYOURSIDE
___-night double-header TWI