New York Times - Jul 22 2019

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Clues Answers
'Great' hominid APE
'Phooey!' RATS
'Slippery' tree ELM
'___ to Joy' ODE
Applaud CLAP
Athlete who said 'Silence is golden when you can't think of a good answer' ALI
Baltimore bird ORIOLE
Big coffee holder URN
Big name in mattresses SERTA
Bowls over AWES
China's is around 1.4 billion POPULATION
Co-founder of Rome with Romulus REMUS
Commotions ADOS
Conks out DIES
Cook's workspace STOVE
Coughed (up) PONIED
Coup for a newspaper freelancer OPED
Cut in half BISECT
Enroll for another year of duty REUP
Fairy tale question whose answer is spelled out in the starts of 18-, 24-, 40- and 51-Across WHATSMYNAME
Fast asleep OUT
Fitzgerald of jazz ELLA
Gave a meal to FED
German carmaker AUDI
Giant in health insurance AETNA
Given a PG-13, say RATED
Gold waiting to be discovered ORE
Got one's kicks at the pool? SWAM
Grand ___ Opry OLE
Hoarse voice RASP
Impossible to mess up IDIOTPROOF
Investment for the golden yrs IRA
Juliet Capulet or Holden Caulfield, agewise TEEN
Ledger entry on the minus side DEBIT
Louisiana's avian nickname PELICANSTATE
Low point NADIR
Manage to avoid ELUDE
Managed to avoid DODGED
Clues Answers
Med school subj ANAT
Mortal dangers PERILS
Mushroom part CAP
Musical practice piece ETUDE
Mythical beauty who lent her name to a continent EUROPA
Not doing anything IDLE
Objective for a soccer player GOAL
Oil producers' grp OPEC
One barely in the water? SKINNYDIPPER
Part of a campus URL EDU
Prepare for a hard test STUDY
Profound DEEP
Provide with continuing funds ENDOW
Psychic ability, in brief ESP
Recognize, as differences DISCERN
Run off with a boxer, maybe? DOGNAP
Search for SEEK
Set of traditional beliefs LORE
Shipped SENT
Show gumption DARE
Singer/songwriter Crow SHERYL
Slimeball CREEP
Someone dropping by VISITOR
Someone not likely to show off intelligence? SPY
Something that might spring a leak PIPE
South America's Carnaval city, informally RIO
Strong-smelling cheese made in England STILTON
Supermarket section AISLE
The 'A' of MoMA ART
Thumbs-down response UHUH
Unacceptable actions NONOS
Voice above tenor ALTO
Vote that cancels out a yea NAY
Without stopping en route DIRECT
Word on a restroom door MEN
Work by Wordsworth or Whitman POEM
Yard event to clear out the attic RUMMAGESALE
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO
___ Xing (road sign) DEER