The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,879 - Jul 22 2019

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Clues Answers
An abundance of beatings LASHINGS
Avoid responsibility for police­man being dismissed COPOUT
Bring up empty envelope? Gold coin is inside EDUCATE
Compel to join group of journalists PRESSGANG
Dish first cooked on railway STIRFRY
Disreputable motor yacht on the water SEAMY
Drama not rehearsed without planning ATRANDOM
Elegant writer's catalogue for pig farmer? STYLIST
Gives a false face VISAGE
I found it in Greece EUREKA
I would follow nasty smell that's close HUMID
Impromptu test for measles? SPOTCHECK
In seminar, open binder ROPE
Mad to cause vessel to leak? CRACKPOT
Clues Answers
Ministers always in tears REVERENDS
Old woman tied up in knots? GRANNY
One gets coverage in Mail ARMOUR
One's arrival is a relief for the surgery LOCUM
Pelt with dried berries PEPPER
Points collected on the fly AIRMILES
Reportedly did well in exam for history PAST
Sort of farm that stores electricity BATTERY
These regions are hell! NETHER
This boy is usually a girl PRINCIPAL
Trim English bird SNIPE
Vegetable better cooked — nothing old should be swallowed BEETROOT
Vehicle is hard to make disappear VANISH
Why repairer is called excessively TOAFAULT