Family Time - Jul 21 2019

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Clues Answers
"American" singing show IDOL
"In your dreams!" (2 words) NOWAY
"___ the ramparts ..." OER
29- or 30-day Jewish month ADAR
62 in Roman numerals LXII
Annoy IRK
Antler branch TINE
Artless one INGENUE
Astronaut's drink TANG
At times (3 words) NOWANDTHEN
Barely obtained (with "out") EKED
Baseball legend Williams TED
Bird bill BEAK
Bolt fastener NUT
Cause of an unfriending RIFT
Certain sweater RAGLAN
Cheerleaders do it YELL
Clumsy person OAF
Cocoa holder CUP
Cozy places for lions DENS
Creamy white color ECRU
Destiny FATE
Dissenting votes NAYS
Fallon's network NBC
Fox's trait SLYNESS
Future embryos OVA
Give a false warning (2 words) CRYWOLF
Hereditary INNATE
Indy 500 venue SPEEDWAY
It's underfoot SOLE
Landmass in the sea ISLE
Clues Answers
Lennon's wife ONO
Like some concerts OUTDOOR
Long-winded address LITANY
Make possible ENABLE
Middle East resident, often ARAB
Monopoly words before "Jail" (2 words) GOTO
More fraught with danger DIRER
Mother Teresa, famously NUN
Motor oil letters SAE
Nimble SPRY
Not shallow DEEP
Not strong-minded at all WEAKWILLED
Person taking someone to court SUER
Pictures of your insides? XRAYS
Pine or apple, e.g TREE
Plant that grows vertically IVY
Prefix with "approve" DIS
Press clothing IRON
Psychic power letters ESP
Put one's foot down? TROD
Room divider WALL
Room to maneuver LEEWAY
Showy flowers PHLOX
Soda variety with ginger ALE
Start a game of Go Fish DEAL
State of extreme poverty PENURY
Suffix with "invent" ION
The stuff of masterpieces (2 words) OILPAINT
Type of cookie OREO
Tyrannosaurus ___ REX
Word between a woman's two surnames NEE