- Jul 21 2019

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Clues Answers
''Gotta run!'' IMLATE
''Masterpiece Theatre'' airer PBS
''Sometimes you feel like __ . . .'' ANUT
''We'll take that as __'' ANO
''When I was your age . . .'' THEN
40-day captain NOAH
Abrasive material EMERY
Actress Longoria EVA
Amherst sch UMASS
Area of influence REALM
Artist Magritte RENE
Ate elegantly DINED
Attention-getter PSST
Ballpark fare HOTDOGS
Base-clearing blast HOMER
Beer holder CAN
Big name at Epcot WALT
Bit of a ruckus STIR
Bit of baby talk DADA
Bit of progress DENT
Book's backbone SPINE
Brit lit governess EYRE
Bumbling ones CLODS
Candid OPEN
Casino array SLOTS
Caustic chemical that sounds wrong LYE
Cold weather comment BRR
Comic Rudner RITA
Committed (to) WED
Conspicuous OVERT
Coper's comment IGETBY
Costa __ Sol DEL
Court concern LAW
Cry out for NEED
Declared SAID
Director Burton TIM
Disencumber RID
Doily material LACE
Drying-up Asian sea ARAL
Eight, in Ecuador OCHO
Endeavored AIMED
Fashion designer McCartney STELLA
Feline sound HISS
Feline sound PURR
Fluctuation SWING
Found by luck LITON
French state ETAT
Full of pitfalls RISKY
German auto OPEL
Grumpy coworker DOC
Hardness scale name MOHS
Have a blackout LOSEPOWER
Head of the smallest nation POPE
Highest standard IDEAL
Hold back, with ''in'' REIN
Improvised musically RIFFED
In this day and age NOW
Install on a wall HANG
Jargon suffix ESE
Justice Kagan ELENA
Lion or lynx CAT
Long (for) ACHE
Long-stemmed flower LILY
Male turkey TOM
Massive statue COLOSSUS
Measures for gridirons or fairways YARDS
Minnow catcher NET
MLB team named for its urban area MINNESOTATWINS
More northerly UPPER
Most common English word THE
NBA team named for a local industry DETROITPISTONS
Clues Answers
NBA team named for its area's sparse rainfall PHOENIXSUNS
Necessitate ENTAIL
Needing rescue INAJAM
New physician INTERN
NFL team named for its nearby airports NEWYORKJETS
NHL team named for a nearby phenomenon COLORADOAVALANCHE
NHL team named for its national symbol TORONTOMAPLELEAFS
Not yet paid OWING
Notable deed FEAT
One of the Simpsons LISA
Open-__ shoes TOED
Oral grinder MOLAR
PC corner key CTRL
Peeling potatoes, perhaps ONKP
Penalized financially FINED
Performing pairs DUOS
Performing threesome TRIO
Pipe projection FLANGE
PO delivery LTR
Poetic adverb EEN
Pointed out INDICATED
Poke fun at GIBE
Prepare to pray KNEEL
Prescriptions, informally MEDS
Prevailed over BEAT
Put into code ENCRYPT
Salsa ingredient TOMATO
Santa __ winds ANA
Schindler portrayer NEESON
Script, essentially LINES
Searched all over SCOURED
Second-tallest bird EMU
Shape of some cheeses WHEEL
Shopping considerations PRICES
Short distance INCH
Short swim ONELAP
Ski shop supplies WAXES
SLC-based church LDS
Slippery swimmers EELS
Slow-moving mollusks SNAILS
Small dog, for short POM
Some sweatshirts HOODIES
Soon-to-be alumni SENIORS
Source of strength SINEWS
Spill-catching coverings APRONS
Splashes at the beach WADES
Squirrel cousin CHIPMUNK
Steakhouse specification RARE
Stone Age discovery FIRE
Stratford-upon-__ AVON
Tablet screens: Abbr LCDS
Texter's opinion intro IMO
Those folks THEM
Timber wolves LOBOS
Tiny amt. of time NSEC
Top selections, for short FAVES
Totaled RANTO
Trickle (in) [or (out)] SEEP
Underground work site COALMINE
Unselfish one ALTRUIST
Venerable video game name ATARI
Venetian bridge PONTE
Vision-improvement acronym LASIK
Warm-hearted KIND
Window treatment SHADE
Wrap-up FINALE
Yin's counterpart YANG
__ importance (trivial) OFNO
__ stick (bouncy toy) POGO
__-garde AVANT (cell service's site) ATT