Universal - Jul 18 2019

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Clues Answers
"A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning" poet DONNE
"Alla vodka" pasta PENNE
"Be that way!" FINE
"It comes ___ surprise" ASNO
"Rats!" DARNIT
*Aftermath of a white Christmas eave? ICEDAM
*Insurance might cover it FIREDAMAGE
*Made something with unexpected consequences CREATEDAMONSTER
50-50 bet EVENMONEY
Anderson Cooper's channel CNN
Animal pair rescuer NOAH
BBs and such AMMO
Beatles' beat guy STARR
Beethoven dedicatee ELISE
Black Sabbath's Osbourne OZZY
Bon ___ (cleaner brand) AMI
Breakfast chain that temporarily flipped its "p" to a "b" IHOP
Broke into pieces CAMEAPART
Chewy candies CARAMELS
Commands to attack SICS
Composer Jule STYNE
Concerto solo passage CADENZA
Cream of ___ WHEAT
Cuban capital HAVANA
Emulates Eminem RAPS
Goat's call MAA
Haifa's country ISRAEL
Half a laugh HEE
Hanna or Barbera ANIMATOR
HGTV designer Ford LEANNE
Included in a bibliography CITED
Injures HARMS
Jack's value in blackjack TEN
Jalapenos' spicier cousins HABANEROS
Clues Answers
Let float, as a currency UNPEG
Letter between kappa and mu LAMBDA
Like a sea battle NAVAL
Mafia code of silence OMERTA
McKellen who portrayed Gandalf IAN
Mess up ERR
Michelle who wrote "Becoming" OBAMA
Notable times ERAS
Often-repeated tales LORE
Old Russian monarch TSAR
Org. with a PreCheck program TSA
Over again ANEW
Part of QED ERAT
Part of RSVP SIL
Pitcher's asset ARM
Place for a "me day" SPA
Polite addresses MAAMS
Pot starter ANTE
Power grab COUP
Put on board LADE
See 47-Across CHEESE
Signature Maryland appetizers CRABCAKES
Singled out on stage SPOTLIT
Springtime bloomers AZALEAS
Stealthy email letters BCC
Storyteller's "fast forward" LATERON
Succeeds in annoying IRKS
Tennis star Naomi OSAKA
Tropic of ___ CANCER
Try to annoy RAZZ
Tuna relative BONITO
Very calm SERENE
With 63-Across, business fable with two mice ... or a hint to a word hidden in each starred answer WHOMOVEDMY
___ of attrition WAR