New York Times - Jul 18 2019

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Clues Answers
'Hold my ___' (words before a foolish act) BEER
'One From the Heart' actress, 1982 GARR
'That's my ___!' CUE
'Wicked cool!' RAD
1986 music memoir ITINA
Abbr. on a music score ARR
Acquire midseason, as a sports team might TRADEFOR
Advice for how the pope can reach out online? IMABELIEVER
Backstory for TV's Magnum? LIFEOFPI
Bean harvested by the Aztecs CACAO
Biometric reading IRISSCAN
Bit of kindling TWIG
Bouncer who can always spot a fake? THEWIZARDOFID
Canine command SIT
Certain people prefer their computer specialists to be attractive? SOMELIKEITHOT
Churchill's successor in 1945 ATTLEE
Churchill's successor in 1955 EDEN
Cinephile's channel TCM
Cold, cold drink ICEE
College town located, appropriately, near Ulysses, N.Y ITHACA
Consent (to) ACCEDE
Deepest, as feelings INMOST
Democratic politico Julián CASTRO
Détente THAW
Doubter's question ISIT
Egyptian protector of tombs ANUBIS
Fall of Troy escapee AENEAS
French 101 pronoun TOI
Gift from Jacob to Joseph, in the Bible COAT
Go (for) OPT
Half-laugh TITTER
Hankering WANT
Harry Potter, e.g ORPHAN
Hindu protector of the universe VISHNU
Hollywood star whose birth name is Alfredo PACINO
Hurdles for would-be G.P.s MCATS
It's nice when it's forgiven DEBT
Clues Answers
Just make it EKEBY
Kazakhstan range URALS
Letter-shaped construction piece IBEAM
Light airs LILTS
Long-bodied predator EEL
Low-scoring soccer win ONENIL
Lummox OAF
Metropolitan address abbr APTNO
Money paid to get more money ATMFEE
Nautical chart markings SHOALS
Nick or ding MAR
Oklahoma athlete SOONER
One looking for a match? BEAU
Part of GPS: Abbr SYS
Pet-friendly org SPCA
Pitcher Dock Ellis claimed to have used this before throwing a no-hitter in 1970 LSD
Post-regulation periods, for short OTS
Prefix with conservative ARCH
Projecting arm of a crane JIB
Recruit ENLIST
Refuse to settle SUE
Service site for many a vet NAM
Shakespearean warning word IDES
Showed the way LED
Sister channel of VH1 MTV
Starbucks size VENTI
Statement before '... and that's Canada!'? THISISUS
Sun deck? TAROT
Surrealist Max ERNST
They're usually caught lying down ZEES
Triage pro, for short EMT
What '!' can mean in computer programming NOT
What B and C (but not A) may represent ELEMENTS
Whats next? APP
Where cats play? JAZZCLUB
Yellowfin tuna AHI
___ Tesfaye, real name of singer The Weeknd ABEL