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Clues Answers
'... bug — feature?' ORA
'Barney Miller' star HALLINDEN
'Climb — Mountain' EVRY
'Except after C' lead-in IBEFOREE
'Me and Bobby —' (1971 hit) MCGEE
'Put — on it!' ALID
'Red Book' Chinese chairman MAO
'Right on!' AMEN
'That South Asian yogurt drink is my favorite!'? ILOVEALASSI
'We'd better skip that' LETSNOT
1952 Winter Olympics city OSLO
1972 Summer Olympics city MUNICH
Actress — Grace Moretz CHLOE
Anger IRE
Anonymous NAMELESS
Apparent OBVIOUS
Bagel option SESAME
Be worthy of EARN
Be worthy of RATE
Beautiful woman in the Muslim paradise who's destitute? HOURIOFNEED
Beijing-to-Taipei dir SSE
Ben and Jerry's rival EDYS
Between solid and liquid SEMIFLUID
Big racket DIN
Broccoli —: Var RAAB
Bubbling over ABOIL
By itself ALONE
Call into a court of law ARRAIGN
Car ad abbr RPM
Chariot in which the Bible's three wise men traveled? MAGIWHEELS
Christian music singer — Patty SANDI
Christmas Nativity display CRECHE
Classic song OLDIE
Composer Khachaturian ARAM
Construction bolt installer RIVETER
Corded phone connection LANDLINE
Cornered UPATREE
Counterfeit SHAM
Countrified RURAL
Country's McEntire REBA
Create MAKE
Crib outburst WAH
DEA figure NARC
Deciding (to) ELECTING
Defeated in a footrace OUTRAN
Defiant type REBEL
Delayed LATE
Doe and hen FEMALES
During each PER
Edison's middle name ALVA
Egg foo — YUNG
Egg: Prefix OVO
Examine TEST
Fall mo NOV
Fast escape LAM
Fight a ruling family of old Florence? COMBATMEDICI
Filmmaker Nicolas ROEG
Fish lurer WORM
Foldable bed COT
Forebodings OMENS
Fruity drink ADE
Geometric plane curve PARABOLA
Gets the idea SEES
Go hungry STARVE
Go quickly, old-style HIE
Gossipy sort YENTA
Greek dawn goddess EOS
Hip hangouts PADS
Indian-language word meaning 'lower limbs?' HINDILEGS
Inner tension ANGST
Clues Answers
Justice Alito SAMUEL
Lake that abuts Ohio ERIE
Lead-in to a holiday EVE
Least vicious NICEST
Legions ARMIES
Lyric writer Gershwin IRA
Malted drinks ALES
Many a Utah churchgoer MORMON
Margarine, old-style OLEO
Mexican hats SOMBREROS
Non-paper money SPECIE
Noontime nap SIESTA
Not end on schedule GOLONG
Off-roader, in brief ATV
Old El — (salsa brand) PASO
One-man bands, e.g SOLOACTS
Pagan belief WICCA
Part of ACLU: Abbr CIV
Pea keeper POD
Perpetually, to poets EER
Pool lengths completed by Hindu masters? SWAMILAPS
Potted dwarf BONSAI
Praise highly LAUD
Put clothes on a raccoon relative? DRESSCOATI
Put in words VOICE
Raiders' stats TDS
Really tiny ITSY
Refuses to comply with DISOBEYS
Ring match BOUT
Santa — ANA
Scan for typos and such PROOFREAD
See 11-Down FRIDAY
She played Natalia Boa Vista on 'CSI: Miami' EVALARUE
Shiny gray wrist bones? SILVERCARPI
Shortly INABIT
Showing skill ABLE
Singer Debby BOONE
Sir Walter Scott hero IVANHOE
Sirius XM medium RADIO
Six, in Sicily SEI
Spatula on a Hawaiian porch? LANAITURNER
Spy's info INTEL
Start of an end-of-week cry that's followed by 26-Across TGI
Stopped sleeping AWAKENED
Strip race DRAG
Suffix with 31-Down or 93-Down IST
Tea holder CUP
Tendencies BENTS
The so-called 'Godfather of Punk' IGGYPOP
Time stretch SPAN
Time stretch ERA
Tomb raider Croft LARA
Top dog ALPHA
Tot's H2O WAWA
Tristan's lady ISOLDE
Typos and such ERRATA
Umpire's call BALL
Unit of bricks TON
Untethered LOOSE
Vainglory EGO
Vilify in print LIBEL
Warming up a 24-ounce Starbucks drink? HEATINGVENTI
Wood finish VENEER
Words after many fiction book titles ANOVEL
Wrap offerer SPA
Wrap offerer DELI
WWII battle site STLO
Yellowfin tuna, in Hawaii AHI
Yemeni port ADEN
— Field (Mets' stadium) CITI