- Jul 17 2019

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Clues Answers
''Delicious!'' YUMYUM
''Hot'' Mexican food TAMALE
''I'd be delighted!'' YES
007 creator Fleming IAN
1990s commerce acronym NAFTA
Accused's explanation ALIBI
Ancient legend MYTH
Annoyance PEEVE
Born first OLDER
Boyfriend BEAU
Campus faculty nickname PROF
Charge towards RUNAT
Cleverness WIT
Coffee/chocolate flavor MOCHA
Condo rental UNIT
Coup __ (rebellion) DETAT
Cream-filled cookie OREO
Dangerous deception TRAP
Demonstrate boredom YAWN
Designer Spade KATE
Eve's garden EDEN
Express one's ideas OPINE
Fastener twisted into wood SCREW
Fire-setting crime ARSON
Fit together nicely MESH
Full of sass LIPPY
Gorilla or chimp APE
Grouchy person CRAB
Guys MEN
Halves of a golf course NINES
Handling the situation ONIT
Heats up in a microwave ZAPS
Hotel supervisor BELLCAPTAIN
In a conflict ATWAR
Indefinite quantity ANY
Inflexible RIGID
Last-second scoring shot BUZZERBEATER
Life story, for short BIO
Clues Answers
Like a 61 Down HAIRY
Like better PREFER
Limber AGILE
Loud noises DINS
Made minor changes to TWEAKED
Make repairs to FIX
Mexican of yore AZTEC
Mistake ERROR
Mo. metropolis STL
Needing a refill LOW
Neighbor of Turkey SYRIA
Not as many FEWER
Olympic sword EPEE
Patriots' and Steelers' org AFC
Person from El Paso TEXAN
Scorches in a skillet SEARS
Shade providers TREES
Side of a doorway JAMB
Skier's accessory POLE
Smallest amount LEAST
Snakelike swimmer EEL
Socializes HOBNOBS
Sum calculated TOTAL
Thin streaks of clouds WISPS
Tic-__-toe TAC
To the __ degree (highly) NTH
Told a little lie FIBBED
Toledo's lake ERIE
Transgression SIN
Typical airliner JET
Unfilled slot abbr TBA
Video game pioneer ATARI
Watch over TEND
Witch's concoction BREW
Wood-shaving tool PLANE
Yearn for CRAVE
__ circle (closest advisors) INNER
__ stone (unchangeable) SETIN