New York Times - Jul 17 2019

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Clues Answers
'Auld Lang ___' SYNE
'Buona ___' (Italian greeting) SERA
'That's intriguing!' OOH
'Yikes!' EEK
'___ thank me later' YOULL
Action to collect on a debt REPO
Alternatives to wagons SUVS
Apple's first location? EDEN
Apprehend NAB
Benchmark STANDARD
Big quarrel ROW
Blanc who voiced Bugs Bunny MEL
Books that Victorians [circled letters] for cheap PENNYDREADFULS
Candy that the lovers [circled letters] on Valentine's Day CHOCOLATE
Chastise in no uncertain terms YELLAT
Conglomerate AMASS
Connections INS
Dazed states STUPORS
Dish that may come with a spork SLAW
Ed of 'Elf' ASNER
Elite party attendees ALIST
Excessively TOO
File box filler RECIPES
Five to six feet high, roughly EYELEVEL
Forbidding STERN
Friend of Hamlet HORATIO
Give a casual greeting, in modern lingo HOLLA
Green branch, for short EPA
Gunpowder holder KEG
Gymnasts' supplies MATS
Headrest for a couch napper, say ARM
In addition ELSE
Like some football kicks ONSIDE
Luxury vehicle that the motorist [circled letters] on the highway LANDROVER
May birthstones EMERALDS
Clues Answers
Molecule with A, C, T and G DNA
More deadpan, as humor DRIER
Mr. or Mrs TITLE
New moon or full moon PHASE
Occur, as complications ARISE
Olympics squad in red, white and blue TEAMUSA
One step down on the evolutionary scale APE
Org. that regulates I.S.P.s FCC
Other, in Oaxaca OTRA
Over the horizon AFAR
Part of a multimedia ad campaign RADIO
Peach's center PIT
Place to hide a card, perhaps SLEEVE
Politician that the voters [circled letters] to Congress REPRESENTATIVE
Products of some orchards PEARS
Put out EMIT
Quashes ENDS
Queen guitarist Brian May has one in astrophysics PHD
Quick trips that the busy person [circled letters] around town ERRANDS
Shepherd slain by Cain ABEL
Shorthand, for short STENO
Slippery EELY
Some pro cameras, for short SLRS
Something most people lie about? BED
Sped-up part of a contest commercial RULES
Still in the box UNOPENED
Suitable for all ages RATEDG
Surname of national security advisers under both Bush 43 and Obama RICE
T, in an honor society's name TAU
Terrific, in dated slang ACES
The number of letters in this clue's answer FOUR
Traditional time to start work NINEAM
Traffic ___ CONE
Turns the dial (to), say TUNESIN
Word with dark or graphic ARTS
___ Combs, Hall-of-Famer who played for the 1920s-'30s Yankees EARLE