- Sep 10 2009

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Clues Answers
''Absolutely!'' YOUBET
''Cassandra's Dream'' director ALLEN
''__ y Plata'' (Montana motto) ORO
Antony's ''I'' EGO
Artist's apartment LOFT
Asimov genre SCIFI
Author Josephine TEY
Big Apple tennis stadium ASHE
Bizet masterwork CARMEN
Bread, proverbially STAFFOFLIFE
Carry out, as laws ENFORCE
Certain taxes TARIFFS
Civil War battle site ANTIETAM
Conclude logically INFER
Court officials JURISTS
CPR expert EMT
Cruise stops PORTS
Curly-shoe wearer ELF
Current fashion TREND
Docs' org. AMA
Dumbfound STUN
Evenly split FIFTYFIFTY
Fairly long odds TENTOONE
Farm address abbr. RFD
Football great Brett FAVRE
Gas-bill unit THERM
Giant's incantation FEEFIFOFUM
Give rise to SPAWN
GPS direction NNE
Half-__ (coffee order) CAF
Handy guy MRFIXIT
Have an impact on AFFECT
Hostilities ender TRUCE
In conclusion, in Cannes ENFIN
It's history PAST
Ivy Leaguer ELI
Jesse Jackson once wore it AFRO
Julius Caesar opponent CATO
Clues Answers
Klutzy sort OAF
Land or sea suffix SCAPE
Leaves, so to speak SHUFFLESOFF
Live up to MEET
Madison or Monroe JAMES
Marisa of ''Alfie'' TOMEI
Mosque toppers DOMES
Musical asset EAR
NBAer's height, perhaps SIXNINE
Neckerchief ASCOT
Need liniment ACHE
Nose-in-the-air sort SNOOT
Out of style PASSE
Outdo TOP
Page sent by computer EFAX
Pan for gold SIFT
Parisian topper BERET
Passionate AFIRE
Plow team OXEN
Radioer's reply ROGER
Religious tenet BELIEF
Rink official REF
Sean of the Tolkien movies ASTIN
Select, with ''for'' OPT
Sky-safety org. FAA
Slip ERR
Sorry situations ILLS
Spirited style ELAN
Started a hand DEALT
Sunscreen letters PABA
Swindle, so to speak HOSE
Tel. no. add-on EXT
Test the weight of HEFT
Theater fixtures SEATS
To the extent that ASFARAS
Track event RACE
VCR successor TIVO
Weather, poetically CLIME