- Jul 16 2019

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Clues Answers
''I've had it __ here!'' UPTO
''So what __ is new?'' ELSE
''The Red Planet'' MARS
30, to 300 TENTH
Activity using joySTICKS VIDEOGAME
Ankle-length skirt MAXI
Arm of a shirt SLEEVE
Banister RAIL
Barn's upper space LOFT
Black-and-white cookie OREO
Brute of folklore OGRE
Bugle or trumpet HORN
Cold War adversary: Abbr USSR
Cuisine using chopSTICKS ASIANFOOD
Deep-sea diving gear SCUBA
Dinner or brunch MEAL
Dollar bills ONES
Double-curve letters ESSES
Fail to mention OMIT
Fan favorites IDOLS
Fill with fear SCARE
Film projector spool REEL
Finished ahead of BEAT
Food plan DIET
Former Italian coin LIRA
Fragment PIECE
German autos, for short BMWS
Grains in Cheerios OATS
Highly sloped STEEP
Hollywood celebrity STAR
Hourly charge RATE
Just sitting around IDLE
Kingdom REALM
Land measure ACRE
Liability's opposite ASSET
Like 1% milk LOWFAT
LipSTICKS, for example COSMETICS
Liquid explosive, for short NITRO
Clues Answers
Looks at SEES
Make a fast escape FLEE
Make happen CAUSE
Make watertight SEAL
Map book ATLAS
More immense VASTER
Natural underground chamber CAVERN
Numerical fact, briefly STAT
Obstructs, as a pipe CLOGS
Of the highest quality PRIME
Online crafts store ETSY
Opening poker stake ANTE
Overly greasy OILY
Pass, as time ELAPSE
Passport documents VISAS
Pastures LEAS
Personal journal DIARY
Point toward AIMAT
Potato-producing state IDAHO
Premature EARLY
Ready for customers OPEN
Restaurant customer EATER
Revise EDIT
Rolling stone's supposed lack MOSS
Small songbird WREN
Space in a sleeper car BERTH
Speck of land in the ocean ISLE
Square footage AREA
Stare at OGLE
Storage containers BINS
Surrounded by AMID
TV watcher's gadget REMOTE
Unnecessary fuss HOOPLA
Untamed WILD
Wheel-connecting rod AXLE
Willing to face danger BRAVE
Yes-__ question ORNO
__ Canaveral, FL CAPE