New York Times - Jul 16 2019

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Clues Answers
'Come in!' ENTER
'Hells Bells' band ACDC
'Stat!' ASAP
'Take me ___' ASIAM
'Vette option TTOP
'___ quote ...' ANDI
Abba of Israel EBAN
Adjuncts to some penthouses Roofgardens
Alternative to Chanel No. 5 ESTEE
Amo, amas, ___ AMAT
As a group ENMASSE
Born NEE
Bottles that might be marked 'XXX' in the comics ALES
Captain who circumnavigated the globe COOK
Copenhageners, e.g DANES
Country singer ___ James Decker JESSIE
Demo material for Wile E. Coyote TNT
Diez minus siete TRES
Do that might block someone's view, for short FRO
Drops (or adds) a line EDITS
DuVernay who directed 'Selma' AVA
Embarrassing fall FACEPLANT
Entertained with a story, say REGALED
Equally speedy ASFAST
Et ___ ALIA
Flue buildup SOOT
Fourth-and-long option PUNT
Glassworker, at times ANNEALER
Got 100 on ACED
Grp. that combats smuggling ATF
Hathaway of Hollywood ANNE
In the manner of ALA
Influence SWAY
Insect feeler ANTENNA
Iowa college town AMES
Land made for you and me, in a Woody Guthrie song AMERICA
Clues Answers
Landlocked Asian country LAOS
Lawn game banned in 1988 JARTS
Maker of 'No more tears' baby shampoo, for short JANDJ
Male buds BROS
Military field uniform BATTLEDRESS
Modify AMEND
Nae Nae or cancan DANCE
Nile viper ASP
Not pro ANTI
Oakland's Oracle, for one ARENA
Oasis beast CAMEL
One with a feather duster, maybe MAID
Org. for docs AMA
Pooh's pal ROO
Pretentious ARTY
Print media revenue source ADSALES
Setting for a classical sacrifice ALTAR
Sheltered at sea ALEE
Shenanigans ANTICS
Smallest state in India GOA
Speedy Amtrak option ACELA
Start of an incantation ABRA
State as fact AVER
Structures illustrated twice in this puzzle through both black squares and letters AFRAMEBUILDINGS
Subject of a school nurse's inspection LICE
Targets of plank exercises ABS
The 'e' of i.e EST
The Kennedys or the Bushes, so to speak DYNASTY
Up to the task ABLE
Very wee EENSIE
When repeated, calming expression NOW
Wild blue yonder SKY
World's highest-paid athlete in 2019, per Forbes magazine LIONELMESSI
Yours, in Tours ATOI
___ Amidala, 'Star Wars' queen PADME