Wall Street Journal - Jul 16 2019 - Blues Duets

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Clues Answers
'Be Prepared,' for one MOTTO
'In the cunning, truth itself's ___': Alexander Pope ALIE
'Toy Story' dinosaur REX
'Unfortunately...' ALAS
'Yeah, no kidding!' IDSAY
'___ she blows!' THAR
1970 Best Picture winner PATTON
Abbr. on a business envelope ATTN
Accommodate OBLIGE
Appear for the first time DEBUT
Arm bone ULNA
Asgard trickster LOKI
Assortments OLIOS
Bakery draw AROMA
Batting figs AVGS
Blue SAD
Bottom-row PC key ALT
Boxer Laila ALI
Cameron of 'Bad Teacher' DIAZ
Charged RANAT
Chrysanthemum cousin DAHLIA
Classic Superman pose AKIMBO
Comcast or Verizon, for short ISP
Computer system managers, for short ADMINS
Dark overhead expanse MIDNIGHTSKY
Early cell phone maker NOKIA
Engine sound HUM
Flourish PROSPER
Gamer's online representation AVATAR
Gator look-alike CROC
Gentle breeze ZEPHYR
Headstone letters RIP
Holler from Homer DOH
Howls with laughter ROARS
Initials before an alias AKA
It flickers with a flick ELECTRICLIGHT
It works like a charm AMULET
Its panhandle is in the Pacific Time Zone IDAHO
Japanese battle cry BANZAI
Clues Answers
Jogging gait TROT
Kuala Lumpur natives MALAYS
Mai ___ (rum drink) TAI
Manning in the NFL ELI
Mates PALS
Meghan and Harry's Archie, for one ROYALBABY
Midshipman NAVYCADET
Nail the test ACEIT
Notable basset features EARS
Org. in many Tom Clancy novels CIA
Paver's stuff TAR
Plotting UPTO
Powerful pitch? HARDSELL
Princess in the Emerald City OZMA
Pros' cameras SLRS
Put on a pedestal EXALT
Record LOG
Red Sesame Street resident ELMO
Refusing to face reality INDENIAL
Romantic outings DATES
Schuss with a chute PARASKI
Shad eggs ROE
Shortstop topper CAP
Sign after Cancer LEO
Sound of impact BAM
Speedy Australian bird EMU
Start for classical or conservative NEO
Status ___ QUO
Stocking stuffer SANTA
Supplement ADDTO
Take home EARN
Tofu source SOY
Tough drill bit material COBALTSTEEL
Turkey neighbor IRAQ
Type of doll or economics VOODOO
Wallop SLUG
Will figure HEIR
Zero, in soccer scores NIL