- Jul 15 2019

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Clues Answers
''It was someone else!'' NOTI
''Uh-uh!'' NOPE
''__ we there yet?'' ARE
1550, in Roman numerals MDL
24/7 + 24 more EIGHTDAYSAWEEK
A Great Lake ERIE
A through Z, collectively ALPHABET
Accelerate an engine REV
Angel's topper HALO
Antlered animal DEER
Any thing of value ASSET
Australian bearlike beast KOALA
Aviation prefix AERO
Bases-clearing hit HOMER
Break into bits SMASH
Castaways' escape vehicles RAFTS
Change for a $5 bill ONES
Classroom furniture DESK
Cola and root beer SODAS
Containers for recycling BINS
Declares openly AVOWS
Enter, as a password KEYIN
Entryway DOOR
Equal to a task ABLE
Fake coin SLUG
Feeling gloomy SAD
Fencing sword EPEE
Gardener's digging tool SPADE
General vicinity AREA
Go to a lot of trouble FUSS
Groups of cattle HERDS
Guy in Eden ADAM
Havana's country CUBA
High-IQ club MENSA
Highways: Abbr RTES
Illuminated LITUP
In addition ALSO
Initials before an alias AKA
Is indebted to OWES
Clues Answers
Ivy League school in New Haven YALE
Jockey's strap REIN
Knight's title SIR
Lost traction SLID
Make an attempt TRY
Motion picture MOVIE
Norway's capital OSLO
Not fooled by ONTO
Not in class ABSENT
Oddly humorous DROLL
Omaha's state NEBRASKA
Oohs and __ AHS
Opposite of ''push'' PULL
Parent's boys SONS
Poems of praise ODES
Provide assistance to AID
Response to a sneeze BLESSYOU
Rod and __ (fishing gear) REEL
Run-down or dilapidated SHABBY
Sharpen, as a knife HONE
Short-tempered people HOTHEADS
Sign of healing SCAB
Sixty-min. periods HRS
Slightly more than eternity FOREVERANDADAY
Sly laugh sound HEH
Sound of scorn SNORT
Sunbeams RAYS
The __ Ranger (Tonto's pal) LONE
Thirty-one in a row, with no weekdays or Saturdays AMONTHOFSUNDAYS
Timid SHY
Turned on, as an alarm ARMED
Uses a needle and thread SEWS
Venetian-blind piece SLAT
Wartime partner ALLY
Well-informed AWARE
White, after a blizzard SNOWY
Winter toy vehicle SLED
__-friendly software USER