Wall Street Journal - Jul 15 2019 - Rhyme Schemes

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Clues Answers
'For shame!' TSK
'Honest' president ABE
'Indeed!' YES
'Makes sense' ISEE
'The crowning grace of humanity,' to Petrarch LOVE
'What ___ you thinking?' WERE
Arouse, as one's interest PIQUE
Attack savagely MAUL
Be real EXIST
Biscuit bit CRUMB
Border EDGE
Border VERGE
Chef's topper TOQUE
Chewy candies ROLOS
Choir member ALTO
Copycat's activity APING
Critic's topic ART
Dangerous date for Julius Caesar IDES
Decompose ROT
Discussion venue FORUM
Disdainful sound SNORT
Do without FORGO
Exterminator's target PEST
Fly catcher WEB
Furlong or fathom UNIT
Gang's domain TURF
Groovy FAB
Grp. with 12 founding members NATO
Handy sort, or what you might call the character holding Jobs #1-3 JACKOFALLTRADES
Harry's First Lady BESS
Healthy aura GLOW
Ideal position in life NICHE
It may have brass buttons BLAZER
Itinerary preposition VIA
Lock of hair TRESS
Clues Answers
Look sulky POUT
Lot buy AUTO
Makes flat EVENS
Marsh plant REED
Medical researcher's goal CURE
Mideast bigwigs EMIRS
Nativity scene figures MAGI
Neuter SPAY
Not just plump OBESE
One of five in this clue SPACE
Open, but not wide open AJAR
Orange juice component, at times PULP
Orion feature BELT
Portend BODE
Pronoun in some wedding vows THEE
Prospect from a peak VISTA
Psychic gift ESP
Ran in place? IDLED
Reacted to a veering driver, perhaps HONKED
Reactor parts CORES
Saloon offering BREW
Saloon offering BEER
Slugger's stat RBI
Social customs MORES
Strike callers UMPS
Synagogue chests ARKS
Syntax topic WORDORDER
Targets of some blockers ADS
The Amish, for one SECT
Three Stooges specialty SLAPSTICK
Tools for firefighters AXES
Tooth trouble ACHE
Toward the sunset WEST
Train for a bout SPAR
Ultraviolet-blocking gas OZONE
Vague feeling VIBE
What to do after making a birthday wish BLOW
X, at times TEN