The Washington Post Sunday - Jul 14 2019

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Clues Answers
'... and so forth' ETC
'All That ___ Wants' (Ace of Base hit) SHE
'As an alternative ...' INSTEAD
'Chess' opening? ACTI
'I messed up, Bart!' DOH
'I'm with you' AGREED
'Moonbeams' artist ONO
'Rumpelstiltskin,' e.g TALE
'Shake' singer Redding OTIS
'The Disaster Artist' author Sestero GREG
'The Face of Battle' topic WAR
'The Office' co-star EDHELMS
'What ___ can I do?' ELSE
'___ Window' REAR
Aged, as apples RIPENED
Agnetha Fältskog's band ABBA
Algerian currency DINAR
Aquanaut's setting OCEAN
Arab League sultanate OMAN
Bass Islands' lake ERIE
Battery component ANODE
Battery component TEST
Big shortening brand CRISCO
Boxes delivered to Boston or Chicago? AMPS
Bruin Plaza sch UCLA
Certain Apple platform OSX
Chance personified LADYLUCK
Christmas octet member VIXEN
Citi Field predecessor SHEA
City full of slots RENO
Contents of some flasks ACIDS
Creature observed when someone says, 'That's a moray' EEL
Crime in 'Backdraft' ARSON
Cry from Kirk or Picard REDALERT
Cry of support RAH
Cut into little pieces SHRED
Declare as fact AVER
Decorative container URN
Deteriorate chemically DEGRADE
Drama about penitentiary inmates planning an escape ... using only a bird's bill? PRISONBEAK
Dramedy set in the 1960s and 1970s ... featuring Kevin Arnold's magical listening organs? THEWONDEREARS
Dramedy set on a luxury cruise ship ... whose captain is a creature with a romantic squeeze? THELOVEBOA
Estate recipients HEIRS
Fantasy author? DESADE
Fights with hooks BOUTS
First-time stock NEWISSUE
Footwear on a cold trail SNOWSHOE
Former Cowboy Tony ROMO
Frittata ingredients EGGS
Game featuring shots SKEET
Give off brilliant light GLOW
Goes for a run, in a way SKIS
Gold fabric, perhaps LAME
Grouchland visitor in a 1999 film ELMO
Guinness products ALES
Halle Berry's birthplace OHIO
Has the audacity (to) DARES
High-risk group? SWATTEAM
Honorary knight's title SIR
Hope of many jokes BOB
Horn of Africa republic SOMALIA
Horror drama that serves as a prequel to 'Psycho' ... but set in a lodge full of flying mammals? BATSMOTEL
Inspire admiration IMPRESS
Internet access option DSL
It resembles a lobster CRAWDAD
Jewel in the Seringapatam jewels EMERALD
Kangaroo ___ (rodent) RAT
Leaves movers RAKES
Legal drama about the spouse of a disgraced politician ... who happens to be a deity? THEGODWIFE
Lesser Sunda island BALI
Light strokes PATS
Like Earth's core HOT
Like much football gear PADDED
Clues Answers
Metrical unit, in odes IAMB
Missouri State Fair city SEDALIA
Most baritones MEN
Ms. Olympia's six-pack ABS
Necklace worn on Oahu LEI
Nocturnal amphibian NEWT
Not that bright PALE
Objective AIM
One angering Senators with many calls, maybe REF
Our, in Tours NOTRE
Outburst in Osnabrück ACH
Pampering business SPA
Parasitic insect LOUSE
Parking garage floor LEVEL
Parts of hammer heads PEENS
Passerine singer WREN
PC key under Shift CTRL
Piece moving in 1.e4 PAWN
Pill bug, e.g ISOPOD
Plea from a schooner SOS
Political drama about a Democratic president, his advisers ... and a flooded White House section? THEWETWING
Protective protein ANTIBODY
Pseudonym invoked in abortion rights cases ROE
Pseudonym preceder AKA
Radiochemistry pioneer CURIE
Rapids vessel CANOE
Received assistance GOTHELP
Regain consciousness COMETO
Result of overexertion ACHE
Salad bar selection ROMAINE
Salsa club shakers MARACAS
See 92 Across IRAE
Seller of litter boxes PETCO
Sibilant summons PSST
Sitcom about a pair of roommates ... and a quirky two-door car? THEODDCOUPE
Sitcom about scientists, their relationships ... and a gigantic purse? THEBIGBAGTHEORY
Sitcom about the Seaver family ... and cookware items that never stop increasing in size? GROWINGPANS
Six Flags amusement RIDE
Soulful Simone NINA
State of low illumination DIMNESS
Stunned reactions GASPS
Suit on a table HEARTS
Temptations for trout WORMS
Tendon SINEW
Terpsichore's sister ERATO
That queen's HERS
The first O of O-O-O TIC
The second O in YOLO ONCE
They're split in debates HAIRS
Timber wolves LOBOS
Tony winner Bert LAHR
Tory's opponent WHIG
True Value competitor LOWES
Unit of farmland ACRE
Unsuccessful firework DUD
Vehicles at airports CABS
Verbally ALOUD
Visualized SEEN
Ward of '54' SELA
Watch parties? SENTRIES
Wedding circle? RING
Wedding-day train site AISLE
What spoilers can reveal ANSWERS
When SNL ends, in D.C ONEAM
With 18 Down, Mass part DIES
Wyoming city or river LARAMIE
Yale nickname OLDELI
Yang's counterpart YIN
Yelp user's reading MENU
You, in Proverbs THOU
___ diet (regimen also called 'caveman diet') PALEO
___ guy (smart aleck) WISE
___ shot (golf drive) TEE