The Washington Post - Jul 14 2019

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Clues Answers
'70s Israeli prime minister MEIR
'Great minds think alike,' e.g ADAGE
'I'll Never Fall in Love Again' singer Warwick DIONNE
'Just what I wanted!' ITSPERFECT
'Mobile' communications device used in law enforcement DATATERMINAL
'Music for Airports' producer ENO
'Shoo!' GIT
12th Jewish month ELUL
2003 holiday comedy ELF
2012 Beyoncé hit with the repeated line 'Say you'll never let me go' ENDOFTIME
2019 'Game of Thrones' event SERIESFINALE
45, in classic pop RPM
A piece of cake DUCKSOUP
Abundant element in Earth's core IRON
Actor born Alphonso D'Abruzzo ALANALDA
Actress Thompson and ice dancer Virtue TESSAS
Amazon assistant ALEXA
Away companion FAR
Bard's instrument LUTE
Beetle Bailey nemesis SARGE
Before, poetically ERE
Blast cause TNT
Brand with a pitcher-shaped mascot KOOLAID
Cellular process affecting nucleotide sequences RNAEDITING
Chiwere-speaking native OTOE
Collectible '90s caps POGS
College address ending DOTEDU
College loan co-signer, maybe DAD
Czech track legend Zátopek EMIL
Delta rival renamed in 1997 USAIR
Digitally approve ESIGN
Discount CUTRATE
Disney Beetle HERBIE
Divider of pews AISLE
Domingo, for one TENOR
Drama queen, e.g EMOTER
Establish as law ENACT
Film scene shot without interruption TAKE
Fire-suppressing gas HALON
First of three Leslie Nielsen comedies, with 'The' NAKEDGUN
Five-O nickname DANO
Ford contemporary OLDS
Freudian focus EGO
Front-of-bk. list TOC
Galileo's birthplace PISA
Game-winning line OOO
Govt. employees encoded by the nine other longest across entries in this puzzle ... and who might be called in to decode them FBIAGENTS
Grammy winner India.__ ARIE
Grow older AGE
Growing up MATURING
Guru whose opinions are trusted THOUGHTLEADER
Hallelujah trio? ELS
Heaps ALOT
Hi-__ graphics RES
Hydroelectric project DAM
Immense COSMIC
Important stretch ERA
Initial Hebrew letter ALEPH
Jack in a suit KNAVE
Kanye West label DEFJAM
Kenya's first prime minister __ Kenyatta JOMO
King Harald's father OLAV
Kingdom REALM
Like many Horace works ODIC
Lock __: come into conflict HORNS
Long-legged birds WADERS
Lose it GOAPE
Love of antiques VIRTU
Masseuse's target ACHE
Clues Answers
Matching game LOTTO
Med. care provider HMO
Mexican madam SENORA
Mo. when Festivus is celebrated DEC
Modernist's prefix NEO
More than familiar with INUREDTO
Most hip COOLEST
Mountain melody YODEL
Move quickly SCOOT
Moving aids VANS
Munro pen name SAKI
Navel formation INNIE
Not sure (of) LEERY
One end of a church key BOTTLEOPENER
One of Australia's six STATE
One way to enter a pool FEETFIRST
Physical location? MEDICALCENTER
Pinot __ NOIR
Pitching staff star ACE
Place side by side APPOSE
Plotting chuckle HEH
Position STEAD
Prepare to surf LOGON
Put away for later STORED
Really digging INTO
Reason for being barred at a bar NOID
Regarded DEEMED
Renowned clown BOZO
Reunion attendee ALUMNA
Ring of color AREOLE
Rock in a setting GEM
Ruler unit INCH
Run in place IDLE
Scene of some 'Gunsmoke' action SALOON
Sharp tingle, as of fear PRICKLE
Slips through the cracks OOZES
Spa sounds AHS
Spanish article UNA
Stand-up comic's seat STOOL
Strip __ MALL
Summing-up words INCONCLUSION
Supervises OVERSEES
Supposed to arrive DUE
Surname on Elm Street KRUEGER
Suspected WASONTO
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Taking it badly? THEFT
Tchaikovsky's '1812 Overture' has one that includes cannon fire BIGFINISH
Tear channel DUCT
They may be changed by judges VENUES
Thin coin DIME
Thingamajigs DOODADS
Total, as a bill RUNTO
Treats again, as a sprain REICES
Trial subject CRIME
TV chef Brown ALTON
U.K. fliers RAF
U2 frontman BONO
VCR button REC
Veg out LOLL
Venomous TOXIC
View from Jidda REDSEA
Well-behaved GOOD
Whale group POD
When Hamlet kills Polonius ACTIII
Winans of gospel CECE
Word in many obituaries NEE
__ Bo TAE
__ media SOCIAL
__ Reader UTNE