The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 3,010 - Jun 30 2019

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Clues Answers
Badly bitten, a native of Lhasa, say? TIBETAN
Broadcast I see, on with random sound WHITENOISE
Characteristic skill returns with technological subject TRAIT
Encountered in debate, a sticking point EAST
European getting rid of an infectious organism GERM
Feature split by a trading group CHAIN
Issue proverbial healer rejected EMIT
It's a headache as I dash into myself! MIGRAINE
Jersey perhaps on the small side? HEIFER
Knock party BASH
Loathing test, said to be complicated DISTASTE
Man neither starting nor finishing close NIGH
Money band wasted, say, providing basic source of income BREADANDBUTTER
Ornament someone installing equipment lifted in middle of shipyard PRETTIFY
Clues Answers
Outsiders on estates in desperate want DESIRE
Peak figure attending hospital HEIGHT
Picture disbandment of forces FRESCO
Ring having been stolen, minor case holding down source of juvenile amusement WHOOPEECUSHION
Sculpture of sea god in US city SANDIEGO
Seat lost deliberately, it's said THRONE
Shells emptied of peas, I regret SHUCKS
Snaring device, component backfiring TRAP
Sport where a pass gets collected by flankers in line LACROSSE
Steep charge by staff MACERATE
Striking boxer, dispatched hooks SALIENT
Tool found in ditch is electronic CHISEL
Unsentimental way to serve an egg? HARDBOILED
Vegetable container in rubbish dump TURNIP