The Sun - Two Speed - Jul 13 2019

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Clues Answers
Adult female in dress for hunting trip SAFARI
African adventure SAFARI
Alternative mum not married OTHER
Bond I'd play now and then in unusual fashion ODDLY
Bread from Alloa fortifies LOAF
Chaotic result of M1 accident involving Henry MISHMASH
Charlie into Hetty possibly liable to blow fuse TETCHY
Cry involves Romeo in fight BRAWL
Cured ham GAMMON
Curiously ODDLY
Current demand for applause ACCLAIM
Dexterous or clever ADROIT
Different OTHER
Exploitative factory SWEATSHOP
Faculty I quote on the radio EYESIGHT
Firm hand? EMPLOYEE
Hotchpotch (informal) MISHMASH
Information list about island with unknown culture GENTILITY
Irritable (informal) TETCHY
Jeers in exams MOCKS
Joint game back missed GAMMON
Loft collapsed by man causing debris FLOTSAM
Match seen in Poitiers TIE
Neckwear TIE
Clues Answers
Ocean debris FLOTSAM
One holds books in mess at Chelsea SATCHEL
One might pick this small vehicle SCAB
Pass time idly LOAF
Place in custody IMPRISON
Polite denial retracted after little devil shut up IMPRISON
Potentially what poses threat to workers' health? SWEATSHOP
Power of vision EYESIGHT
Prow on sloop inclined to be wooden STILTED
Public praise ACCLAIM
Respectability GENTILITY
Ridicules MOCKS
Road mended with it becomes neat ADROIT
Satisfied MET
Second round house in London area SOHO
Shady old boat next to delta DARK
Ship entering sound in difficulty HASSLE
Shoulder bag SATCHEL
Something's encountered MET
Staff member EMPLOYEE
Stiff and unnatural STILTED
Stimulate EXCITE
Strikebreaker (informal) SCAB
Thrill to go east round cape EXCITE
West End enclave SOHO
Without light DARK