New York Times - Jul 13 2019

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Clues Answers
'Brilliant!' AHA
'Narcissus and Goldmund' novelist HESSE
'Nope' IXNAY
'Right?': Fr NESTCEPAS
'Who is ___?' THIS
'You want to?' SHALLWE
1963 Four Seasons hit CANDYGIRL
200-milligram units CARATS
2019 #1 album by Tyler, the Creator IGOR
A man or a mouse ANIMAL
Alternative to a Lambo JAG
Alternative to Kickstarter INDIEGOGO
Background noise HUM
Bibliographer's abbr ETAL
Blanket ENROBE
Bond, e.g AGENT
Boy's name that becomes a girl's name if you move the first letter to the end ALAN
Challenge TEST
Come down (on) ALIGHT
Demolition letters TNT
Expressive characters EMOJI
Family hand-me-down? LORE
Flight attendant in 'Airplane!' ELAINE
Fragile projectiles EGGS
Fully fixed GOODASNEW
G.I. meal RATION
Goods, slangily MERCH
Harsh cry CAW
High-society people may put them on when in public AIRS
Home of Millennium Park, informally CHITOWN
House support YEA
It multiplies by dividing CELL
Jet popular in the 1960s and '70s NAMATH
Leading man? ALPHAMALE
Learn indirectly HEAROF
Clues Answers
Long car trip? LIMORIDE
Match SEE
Medicine cabinet glass EYECUP
Music style that might feature an accordion and a bajo sexto TEJANO
Not have an accomplice ACTALONE
Not so far away HITHER
Only place in the U.S. to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics, informally CALI
Org. whose founders include Cecil B. DeMille AMPAS
Orkneyan or Shetlander SCOT
Paintings of Adam and Eve, typically NUDES
Parent company of Pine-Sol CLOROX
Part of a cloverleaf ONRAMP
Part of a guess in Battleship ROW
Periods of growth SPURTS
Pixelated, perhaps LOWRES
Potent Hawaiian weed MAUIWOWIE
Put some juice into CHARGE
Quickly drink CHUGALUG
Rough up, in a way PAWAT
Ruined UNDID
Shade of black RAVEN
Sharing many of the characteristics of NEAR
Short smoke CIG
Snow of 'Game of Thrones' JON
Steakhouse selection PRIMERIB
Still around ALIVE
Sturdy floor wood LARCH
Taken in EATEN
Tricks MAGIC
Unsettled feeling AGITA
Vacation souvenir, perhaps TANLINE
Woman who has traveled to el Norte, maybe CHICANA
Zillow listing CONDO
___ boy FRAT
___ truck TACO