USA Today - Sep 3 2019

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Clues Answers
'Maggie May' singer Stewart ROD
'Meet John Doe' director Frank CAPRA
'What hath God wrought' sender MORSE
A handful of SOME
Acquire, as debt INCUR
Airbag trigger IMPACT
Approach peak flavor RIPEN
Arctic fisherman's 17-Across ICESAW
Barbershop quartet member TENOR
Between ports ATSEA
Biodegrade, say ROT
Bit of April Fools' mischief PRANK
Books, magazines etc READINGMATTER
Bugs big-time IRKS
Caliph's deity ALLAH
Census Bureau tally POPULATIONCOUNT
Centipede game maker ATARI
Completely engrossed RAPT
Dispute between celebs, perhaps FEUD
Don't set challenging goals AIMLOW
Drink with marshmallows COCOA
Drug bust unit KILO
DVR button REC
Far from ruddy PALE
Feared fly TSETSE
Flock leader PASTOR
Fly the coop BOLT
Give a wide berth to AVOID
Give birth to HAVE
Go limp, like a bouquet WILT
Go public with AIR
Great Trek trekker BOER
Handy carryalls TOTES
Handyman's buy TOOL
Harsh, as a reprimand STERN
Having the know-how ABLE
Hummingbird feeder color RED
Hunky guy STUD
Clues Answers
In the clouds ALOFT
Ingredient in soft soaps ALOE
Inn visit STAY
It may yield a commission SALE
Just __ (slightly) ATAD
Like Mick Jagger (still), in his 70s AGILE
Like superfans AVID
Many a southern Honshu native OSAKAN
Many HP products PCS
Meaty goodie in a doggie bag TBONE
Nick of 'Hulk' NOLTE
No longer an item APART
One way to sway FRO
Pay stub figure NET
Percent change in the CPI INFLATIONRATE
Place for a bout ARENA
Play for a patsy USE
Pre-Christmas lot buy FIR
Press-on adornment NAIL
Pursued, as a trade PLIED
Ranch vacationer DUDE
Screams 'No fair!' CRIESFOUL
Sistine Chapel mural setting EDEN
Slippery-textured fabric SATIN
Soften in a microwave THAW
Special forces operations RAIDS
Spring for the check TREAT
Sputnik started it SPACERACE
Staircase feature RAIL
Tarzan trademark YELL
Tate Modern display ART
Threw into the mix ADDED
Trapezoid measure AREA
Typeface like Helvetica ARIAL
Vegas figures ODDS
Well-put APT
Wheels with a bar, perhaps LIMO
Whole mess SLEW
Whoop it up REVEL