New York Times - Jul 11 2019

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Clues Answers
'Am I supposed to know this person?' WHO
'I dare you!' DOIT
'I'd rather we skip it' LETSNOT
'Je t'___' (French for 'I love you') AIME
'Keep Climbing' sloganeer DELTA
'Well, I guess if everyone else is ...' WHENINROME
'___: Cyber' (2010s TV spinoff) CSI
Affordable, in company names ECONO
Altogether INTOTO
Blood moon, to some OMEN
Cause of class struggle? TEST
Certain red wine, to connoisseurs CAB
Close of business? INC
Coatroom item PEG
Comfort SOLACE
Covertly drops a line to BCCS
Deckhand SWAB
Employed by WITH
Figures at a racetrack ODDS
Fortune LOT
Gal in 'Wonder Woman' GADOT
Give a good beatin' WHUP
Gobble EATUP
Groan-inducing dice roll CRAP
Handful of golfers? TEES
History and literature, e.g HUMANITIES
It 'lives from constraints and dies from freedom,' per Leonardo da Vinci ART
It may be placed in mines TNT
It may be well done MEAT
Judean king HEROD
Kind of scenario WHATIF
Let go FREE
Line of clothing HEM
Live in a studio ONAIR
Long-handled weapon POLEAX
Make faces, perhaps DRAW
Clues Answers
Need for a triathlon BIKE
Note below F, perhaps? SEEME
Old Dodge OMNI
Old ___, 'Game of Thrones' caretaker NAN
One of many in Jesus' crown THORN
One talking on and on and on CHATTERBOX
Org. whose members meet in an alley PBA
Ornamental pond fish KOI
Pillage LOOT
Place for un béret TETE
Problem for a mariner FOG
Rattle FAZE
Rubbish DROSS
Says quickly without thinking BLURTS
Six-stringed instrument VIOL
Slightly brown SAUTE
Strata TIERS
Stretchy headwear SWIMCAP
Subj. of some thought experiments ESP
Symbol of England LION
Takes out OFFS
Tennis star Naomi OSAKA
Thanksgiving centerpiece CORNUCOPIA
They may be packed for a trip in the mountains ASSES
They outrank frosh SOPHS
Undefined degree NTH
Video file extension MPEG
Went after SETAT
Window's counterpart AISLE
Without change ASIS
Xanadu resident KANE
Yoked pair OXTEAM
___ João de Meriti, Brazil SAO
___ Tech, notable bankruptcy of 2016 ITT
___ World Service BBC
___-chic (hippie-influenced style) BOHO